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  1. Yeah - what happened? I was gearing up to get some info & then the topic just trailed off....
  2. Not working on Vodafone 1605 (Hermes). It has the cell data on, but says location 'temporarily unavailable'. I'm in Oxford, so a urban area, and good signal strength. From their website it doesn't look like they need several masts to triangulate you....anyone else got it working on this setup/network?
  3. So I want to use my decent headphones with my Hermes. I'm not interested in buying a bluetooth stereo headset, because I have better things to do than carry around 2 different sets of headphones, and because I want to be able to drive a stereo with my tunes, which means plugging the bugger in. As far as I can tell, there are 2 possible solutions - a wired adaptor which changes the mini usb to a 3.5 jack, such as this: http://www.expansys.com/p.aspx?partner=modaco&i=145071 Or a Wireless bluetooth adaptor with a 3.5 jack socket on it, like this sony one, or the one reviewed here I'm tempted to go for the wireless, so I don't have so many wires running around when I'm on my bike, especially seeing as I've killed a headphone socket on my last handset by keeping it plugged in too much, but I don't know enough about the technical side of things to know whether there'd be a sound quality loss. How does the A2DP work? Does it take the noise signal in digital before it hits the analogue to digital converter which feeds the speakers (and presumably the mutant usb/headphone socket)? Is the signal converted or compressed at all for bluetooth transmission? Any techies care to enlighten me? Also, is anyone using any of the above solutions & recommending them to others (or recommending against them)?
  4. There's the rub isn't it? Smartphone = open platform closed platform = stupid phone I don't want to relive my youth of vicious Mac bashing, but that is pretty typical. The multi-touch screen is a nice gimic, and it looks very sexy - but if you can't get extra software for it and expand the functionality, then it's about as revolutionary as my gran's brick. I didn't like the iPod because although the scrollwheel was clearly brilliant and the thing looked nice, it didn't have enough buttons to do everything you want from a >£100 gadget, and the opperating system was a dog. I think this is going to be similar - looks good, some nice I/O innovations but basically pedestrian. Having to endure the world and his pet monkey blathering about it as if Steve Jobs had invented the HD mp3 player, rather than just built a visually appealing one has been a bit of a bugbear for me. Are we going to have to look forward to the next 6 years of hearing how he created the bleeding Smartphone? Not sure about that - it's a bit overpriced for something that most people already have. It's not for the high-end business market but that's where the price is pitched. 8GB isn't going to make many people drop their iPods, though it'll be appealing for the few people who don't already have one. I know there are a lot of Apple fans out there, but enough to want to fork out $600 for it??? Also - automatically senses WiFi? That's nice, but surely that's a savage drain on the battery. Does it have a clever chip, or Wi is permanently searching? I think the most exciting thing about this announcement is that MS & HTC will brick it and pull their fingers out - WiFi as standard on all smartphones from now on? Here's hoping
  5. Not that I disbelieve you, but why? I would have thought it wouldn't require much different from what the modem link program does already. Set up the WiFi on the Phone and establish a link with the PC....
  6. So I've opened it up and had a bit of a look, and it looks nasty There are other components really close to the connections for the socket, and I can't access the PCB on the opposite side to see exactly what pins I'm looking at...... :) Has anyone out there actually tried this?? I'd like some reasurance before I take a soldering iron to my baby
  7. So I wouldn't have to source a replacement? I like the sound of that. Anyone got a second opinon?
  8. Word to the wise - although it's been mentioned several times on here already it bears repeating: be careful what you buy. I got a nice and simple adaptor from Maplin for about 3 quid, but it was solid - no wires and very long. The leverage from it being in my pocket while I was walking & riding my bike has completely shafted the headphone socket. What a bargain! zee3's wired adaptor with the right angle plug look like what I should have got
  9. Help... I just found out my SP5 went out of waranty earlier than I thought. I'm having problems with the Headphone socket - basically the thing's completely shot - the signal is so crackly that it's a complete waste of time to try and use. Can someone with some tech-how tell me, if I get the thing open, is it fairly easy to replace the socket? I've not ever tried this type of thing before, but I consider myself relatively competant (Famous last words!) Also, I know this is the hard part but any ideas about where I could get another - Iwould guess most old HTC phones with a 2.5 jack would use the same part... can anyone enlighten me? Failing that - any bright ideas about other options? I could get the A2DP patch and buy some now headphones, but I love my Sennheisers so much - nothing else would sound as good. It's a bit perverse, but could I get a bluetooth A2DP connector with an audo out?..... someone in the world must have thought of that
  10. Yeah, it's a bit of a mutant - As for the practicalities, does this pick up the same signals as a digi-box then? Anyone got the tech-how to answer? If you can just walk around picking up TV from the ether, then this is a killer, but if you are locked into a (mobile) network to broadcast DAB-IP, I can see it being metered and just way too expensive
  11. Do you plug something into the socket when you're in the car? I sometimes get that with headphone mode, and just pump the adaptor in and out a few times until it realises it's gone. If that's not the case (ie software, not hardware) try a reboot?
  12. Fraid not - the main screen is WM2003 size - playlist & menus do take up the whole screen. Still swear by it tho
  13. I second that - they had my SP5 for about a month and all it needed doing was replacing the keyboard, had to chase them a lot - that was warranty work, but as an experience it certainly didn't fill me with confidence: they struck me as cowboys
  14. Device I-mate SP5 - only a 512m Storage Card sadly though Apps - Smart Explorer - PocketMusic - I guess they won't make another version of this now because of WMP10, IMHO it is infinitely better (in terms of playlists, moving items around adding folders etc - actually choosing what to listen to) - WiFiFoFum - this is a wonderful thing - SM5torage - utterly indispensible - suddenly you can transfer stuff onto computers without ActiveSynch Games - I just have GnuBoy & some ROMS installed, they really don't make em like they used to... I also always keep a pair of decent sennheiser headphones with a 2.5->3.5m adaptor & a usb lead on my person at all times (almost) I tend to have a couple of other things installed and 'on probation' at any one time, but these are the things I'd definitely install after a hard reboot.
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