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  1. Ok thanks, downloading N160 now, will update you guys :) (and CM forum is running smoothly again, wasnt working before) EDIT: works perfectly, thanks :)
  2. Hi, I Have a Gen2 ZTE Blade (V880, China Unicom) and succesfully went from Stock ROM to Cyanogenmod 7.0.3. But my Problem: each time I turn of the screen, and try to turn it back on, it just shows weird color lines. Any tips? Already tried wiping.
  3. Hi, If your Question concerns a SIM-/Network unlock im afraid i'll have to tell you its unpossible. There is no free method, and even the paid ones are known not to work, atleast I haven't heard of anyone who succeded. sim
  4. Uhm hi, Im thinking about getting a Vega, only concern is touchscreen & screen quality
  5. Its not Android. Its BrewMP, an OS made by Quallcomm Wildfire is Android
  6. lol so what, people who want root should just install Linux !
  7. The accuracy of that is between 2000-best 400 m Oh yes it can, only on the iPhone you didnt notice that it uses GPS for that cause there is no indicator GPS Accuracy is like 80-20 m
  8. Normally you just click my position once and than the dot will move ...
  9. Paul just tweeted that there is a serious problem and that root therefore will be impossible not :huh:
  10. T-Mobile uses the same Frequencies (2100 Mhz) in Germany and the US, so it definitly works (just looked it up, its the same with Nexus One, the T-Mobile US Version works in Europe)
  11. The international Version is Compitabel with the T-mobile frequencies as far as i know
  12. Thanks so far! Another common one is Power + Back Or anyother keycombo, if you are bored enough :)
  13. Hi, Can either of you use ADB ? (dont know if the drivers are supplied) If yes, try adb reboot bootloader -or- adb reboot recovery Or you can try turning on the phone while holding volume down or turning it on while holding home This are the usual ways to get into recovery. If you could make it into the bootloader and post whats on the screen id be very thankful :) Mfg
  14. Hi, Anyone who knows how the Bootloader / Recovery is designed on the X10 ? Or is the recovery with fastboot etc. a Standard Android Feature ? Cause im interested how our chances stand for root on the X10. mfg
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