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  1. peterx666

    Can Not receive texts..... any ideas?

    Found out what it is ...... the texting app I was using Chomp SMS had updated itself and screwwed up Changed texting app to Go SMS Pro ...... much better program and more important WORKS! pete
  2. Have the Samsung Note and about a week ago I stopped RECEIVING texts..... I can send texts and make phone calls Tried re-setting the phone on the Asda Vodaphone network wit the help of their helpline to no effect Tried the SIM card in another phone .......... still could not receive anything so I thought it was the SIM card and went out and bought another - rang helpline had it registered etc Still not receiving any texts????? Anyone any ideas? pete :D
  3. peterx666

    Thinking of Buying a Note - are they any good?

    Thanks Guys...... On your advice have now purchased a NOTE and WOW! it does everything can can ever be asked of a phone or a tablet Love it! pete
  4. Found it now thanks Also found out that if you are at the icons page and you drag an icon to the main page it offers the option to uninstall Neat! Thanks everybody for your help pete
  5. peterx666

    wheres all the prime disscusions?

    fully agree...... i have just got my tf201 this week so will try to contribute all i can pete
  6. Just today got a tf201 and am getting allong with it fine (have an android phone) but just cant find the way of deleting Widgets from the home screens? I can highlight them and move them around etc - but how do you delete them? did it on the phone by just dragging them off the screen but every time I do that they just bounce back on Any ideas? Help appreciated pete
  7. I am looking for a new phone and am thinking about buying a Galaxy Note Are they any good? Do they live up to the hype? Where is the cheapest place to get an unlocked phone Comment appreciated pete
  8. peterx666

    I'm lost can you help?

    Update Have got Malez working OK :D Rooted the phone using 1.1 off the list - seems ok - what extra can I do now? can I get rid of Acer Apps? which? Then did Nandroid backup it made a folder and put a number of things in - assume it will look in this folder to restore? ;) Copied the whole SD card onto another SD card - so I should be protected now!! :D The phone seems a little more responsive but the reception on Vodaphone is still crap - assume to get any improvement on this will have to upgrade the ROM (says OS on the Acer site) but I cannot download from Acer it either drops out or downloads a file size different that that shown on the Acer site :D and the zip file it downloaded cannot be opened What is the best thing to do now - understand all the ROMs that people have created all have some problems? I would loose video camera or other things?? :o Dont know the best (and safest) thing to do now????? :mellow: pete
  9. peterx666

    I'm lost can you help?

    Thanks Ken sounds like I have to install busybox first then sqlite before i do a backup Nandroid sounds good assume it backs up the contacts as well - from what I have read tho if I backup under 1.6 cant restore with other version is that still correct? What about the other points I mention do you have any comment on those? Thanks again pete
  10. peterx666

    I'm lost can you help?

    Update Managed to download OS_Acer_2.000.16.EMEA.CUS1_A16D_A.zip from Acer site acer site said it was 112MB when I dowloaded it it was 18.5MB My zip file unpacker (7zip) wont unpack it? Still dont know the best thing to do in what order (after I have done a backup - assume I run Malez then plug into my computer USB to back up???????? :mellow: ) Any comment appreciated Thanks Pete :D
  11. peterx666

    Getting a new SD Card..

    I used Car phone warehouse at the time they worked out the cheapest and they have given me good service in the past When I had a 16G card that stopped working- even tho it could have been my fault - they swapped it without question and gave me a brand new one Mine is a Sandisk class 2 - it has always been fast, reliable and no problem at all ( I did note that it was made in China) Hope this helps Pete :mellow:
  12. peterx666

    I'm lost can you help?

    Update.... it may be my imagination but even now the phone looks faster and smoother!!!!!!! I managed to download an OS upgrade (I assume thats the same as a ROM upgrade?) to my computer OS_Acer-2.000.16EMEA.cust1_A16D_A.zip This seems to be the latest? Assume I have to load this before I can load any of the Fancy ROMs mentioned on this site? My Zip opener wont open it - if I put it on the top level of the SD card in my phone will Malez install it or is it dodgy? :mellow: Pete
  13. peterx666

    I'm lost can you help?

    Think I have found the problem..... if I power the phone down normally Malez will not work - if I take the battery out and put it back in again Malez works???? Had it running but I now have a few questions before I dare do anything............ Rooting the phone shall I use method 1.1 or 1 or 2? (I assume I need to do this before Backup will work? Malez Backup - where does it back up to? Does it back up the contacts? Malez move Apps to SD card - is this reliable or does it trash all the progems (everything is on the phone at the moment) what do I gain if I do this? Whats Malez BusyBox? Whats Malez SQ lite? Is there any other advice anyone can give me before I go down this long and dangerous road? Pete :mellow:
  14. peterx666

    I'm lost can you help?

    Update every time I try Malez the phone will not start or charge Take battery out - try again - everything works Pete :mellow:

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