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  1. Check out Cyan's page for a full list of goodies he has put into his ROM. However, the big differences FOR ME is that the Desire has exchange support for both mail & calendar. Cyan's has working bluetooth.
  2. Modaco's does NOT use the new a2sd method (which uses Amon RA 1.7). Try flashing the 1.6.2 version OF the recovery, reformat, repartition, and then see if that works. I am not sure if the correct ext4 partition needs to be in place when you flash the ROM.... so you may need to reflash it.
  3. Which version of the recovery are you using? It was my understanding that Cyan's newer ROMS use the new A2SD method which needs the 1.7 version of Amon RA.
  4. if in doubt, wipe it out. I have had that issue in the past with an earlier cyan rom, a wipe fixed it.
  5. correct. I realize the bluetooth doesn't work. But you just made me realize that the volume keys only control the dock speaker, where I was expecting them to control the phone speaker. Bonehead move on my part. Thanks!
  6. Is anyone using the Car Dock? If so, do the volume keys work for you? Nothing found in search, so don't know if I am the only one with the problem, or if nobody is using the dock.
  7. The release notes on Page 1 states that Bluetooth is not working properly.
  8. "pair" it?? just put it in, and it works great. Make sure you read thru the options when you bake your ROM, so you add the "Desk Clock" (and don't include the World Clock" (sorry, don't know how the non-kitchen version works....) now, the real question is how is this going to work with the Car Dock?? (it uses bluetooth to connect to the speakerphone). Mine is on the way & will be here on Friday.
  9. I asked this last week, but didn't get any response. Search came up empty. Once you add a Swap partition, how do you actually enable this? Is it automatic like A2SD? Can you disable it, if desired? much thanks for any clarification on this.
  10. In general, are people finding better performance with Swap? Right now, my card is just one big FAT32 partition... I know how to create the other partitions, and know that A2SD is automatic (if baked that way), but I found nothing in searching on how to enable SWAP once you have your partition set up. Could you fill me in?? Is this automatic too? much thanks.
  11. yup... same here. that facebook contact doesn't even have a phone number. odd. blacklisted the contact from messaging (handsend), but they still come back.
  12. Paul, this ROM is great! Thanks so much. Camera flash is spot on, and quality is improved. I thought my Nexus was perfect before, but you have made it better than perfect :)
  13. Technically no.... but I needed to coming from a14.
  14. Force close when launching camera. Camcorder works fine, though. I did NOT wipe. Guess thats next on my agenda :) Update: full wipe & reflash. Problem solved.
  15. can't speak for gallery (worked fine for me), but I also had issues with Maps. Uninstall & then reinstall 4.1 from the market. worked fine after that. :)
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