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  1. Hello , I managed to fix it and downgrade to 2.2.2 Nordic version . All seems ok now ..
  2. Hello , Nice rom .. but i cant seem to get wifi working .. It says turning on wifi , but it never starts ..
  3. Ok , maybe somebody can upload theire /system/app folder so i can compare or copy it in my app folder ?
  4. Hello , This is my first android phone . Well i decided to root it , but then by acident i uninstalled some files in system/app , i di that with titanium free ? The problem is that i dont have any 3G data connection anymore . I am on android 2.3.3 tryed alot of things but i cant seem to fix it .... :P Cant downgrade either ... Plz Help me ..
  5. Hello , nice guide . But Wifi doesnt work ? Thanks .
  6. Hmm , it wont start here , tryed a few roms but no luck . It just blinks lauching ..nothing more . ;)
  7. how was it again convert .mst to nb0 ? Lost the prog for it and cant find it .. :(
  8. Nice rom , but isnt it a bit laggy on the weather tab ? Or is that samsungs fault , lack of good drivers .. :rolleyes:
  9. Hello , nice roms u make ! But i have a prob , my wireless wont start all the time , it just starts sometimes :S U know a solution or why that is ? TIA
  10. I tryed that but when i choose the speaker menu i get a scrambled screen , cant make any changes there . With audiocodec.exe i can change things , but they wont stick . Cant someone make a cab or something for it ?
  11. Hello , Isnt there a way to make the changes one makes to the audiocodec.exe to make them stick ? Seems like when u turn off the screen or something they go back to default .. It says written to regestry but they wont stay that way . Cant we make em stick somehow ? Plz help ... i want higher volume ..
  12. I get that with when i had the original rom on it and now with megalite . I cant see what to change coz its all scrambled ..And i dont have that in other situations ..
  13. Thanks , works again . Rebooted and deleted drivers and reinstalled .
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