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    Who said anything about custom avoidance and breaking the law? A little paranoid, are we? I said custom problems, like blatantly wrong value declaration (10$ or gift) with missing invoice where the shipment stays at customs for days while awaiting a proper invoice ...
  2. PMS17

    CIDotW - Zopo ZP900 / H9500 Leader

    Same question here ... where can I safely order an JiaYu G2+ (MT6577 Dual Core, 1GB RAM) shipped to Europe / Austria without customs problems? I have no experience whatsoever at importing directly from China.
  3. Sorry. I used "saunalahti_ril.zip" as a template instead of, well, just reading what you wrote ;-) This time it worked, i added the update file, perhaps someone on Yesss needs it too ... yesss_v2.zip
  4. Tried that, but it didn't work. No network connection at all, no APN, you can't add another APN, searching for network operators gets you "error while searching for networks"
  5. Thanks, RLS6 and RLS7 are both great releases! 2 problems remaining: * I can't play videos from mobile sites, like m.youtube.com, you get a popup that it can't be played, the stock rom could play them. * I have my ZTE Blade from Yesss / Hofer in Austria. Yesss (MCC: 232 MNC: 12) is roaming in the Orange (MCC: 232 MNC: 5) network. The stock rom showed yesss as a normal provider, this rom (RLS6 and RLS7) shows a roaming network. Can that be changed?

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