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  1. Thnx buddy, will download them and put them on phone :huh: When i have some time left i will post some screens , working a lot pffffff
  2. Thnx m8, very happy with them, just saw your posting, work is keeping me busy :D Tomorrow i'm gonna put them on my phone first thing when i get home. :):):D Almost weekend :D
  3. Hi SV0911 Damm , they look good :) Would love them in 240x400. Can you do them for s2u2 too?
  4. Didn't have time ealier, but now i had some time, looks really really SUPER :) Do you have your neo-titanium for i900 also? Would love to use it. Here you have some screens Thnx Again :D
  5. That was fast :( And looks brilliant :( Many many thnx. Love your neo-titanium theme you have for 18000. is it easy to change it so it works on i900 too? Here you have some screens. Keep up the great work By the way , is it possible to use those lovely burning sun for today screen also ???
  6. Thnx for your great work. now i got fulscreen weather on today screen and S2U2 :( Was a pain in the ass to get it showing on todayscreen with Splugin instead of Titanium. But works fine now :(
  7. Mirror for new 6.5.3 rom Mirror for new 6.1 rom
  8. You can get it here S2U2_2.41_QVGA.cab
  9. Running your V3c extra lite with Spb Mobile Shell 3.5.5 and Mobile sense and used the Omnia lite cabs. Very happy the way it works now :D Many many thnx :)
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