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  1. don't cry, samsung did this on purpose and it is a very good thing. You all are very very wrong and take the wrong conclusions. Did one of you actually put the main memory 16GB to the max and saw what happened after that??? Noooooooooo, just bashing on Samsung without knowing that if the main memory is full, it will automaitically store your data to the external SD card. The option to choose to put pictures, video and music right away on the external card is because you can take it out and use it in another device. Apps are mostly device specific. The main memory will also be the fastest to run data from it, so Samsung made the right decision to put everything on the main memory first So crying babies, wipe your tears. Apps2SD is not a neccessity anymore, Samsung renovates stuff, so' don't cry if you have only 1 kb of your main memory left... run to buy a Sandisk micro Sd at your local store and you will be fine. You don't have to root your Sammy
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