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  1. I have a question. Why do make topic for ROM which is not ready yet , the wait is maddeningly
  2. same problem with me, the buttons light up and go out on their own, and the phone is't in sleep mode. when I press a button the phone turns. the problem is only wiht this rom cm-10-20130514
  3. Today I had to shoot video, but many lag the record and was not clear, when I made some pictures was also not clear . I installed cm-7.2.0-RC3 and no video lag, makes very good pictures, Why CM9 not make good pictures and video
  4. why can not I just install this Rom I just wrote (status 7), and it is. all other rom are installed without problems writes ( symlink: some symlins failed) E:Error in /sdcard/dragonzx.zip (status 7)
  5. здравей комши аз съм от България . translate- Hello neighbors, I am from Bulgaria
  6. I use (ColdfusionX_ICS4.0.4_TPT_190mb) and shows me error 7 Only of this rom
  7. does not want to install to me, shows me error 7 . Why is it
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