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  1. here is a backup Ive done of leoGB v5 http://www.mediafire.com/?daohr5nuc9pcj8q so far its the best 2.3 working rom to me as daily for a year now (too much issue with LN and MIUI is too hungry)
  2. Can you tell me how did you get it ? sfr local store or web distrib ? I guess its web distrib only BTW did you get the 50 cashback from SFR ?
  3. Waiting for cdiscount price to think about it
  4. ZTE SKATE unbranded (unlocked ?) is coming http://www.cdiscount.com/telephonie/telephone-mobile/zte-skate-43-noir/f-144040203-zteskateno.html
  5. Im pretty sure its the same , just différent casing (skate OEM and OMC , and this one for carrier ?) Ill check tomorrow if I can found one in SFR shop
  6. looks like Skate just landed in france http://www.sfr.fr/mobile/telephone-portable/android-edition-staraddict?vue=000029 the price tag is more expensive than UK right ?
  7. I did the same process as you but... - sms > I use native apps only - wifi bug is depending which channel you are using ( cant choose when you are connecting to a hotspot outside ) - I didnt make test for data speed but from what Ive seen in the same day its totally different between the 2 roms anyway Im waiting for the next release to test again =)
  8. thank you for this rom , But I have to rollback to lcr F due some problems with this rom - battery drain too important even a stock statut (just flash the rom and NO apps installed - LED not working properly, when sms arrived , missed called blinks ?_? (tried LS led fix but no luck) - Gmail sync not working ( not sure, I may be wrong But checked my account and sync settings and everything was checked - slow data connexion (virgin mobile france) everything was slow loading (now everythng is normal with LCR F ) - cant connect to wifi depending channels (cm issue If I remember) I ll keep following this rom because its sound great =) TIA
  9. Hi First I d like to thank all the dev of this rom , I just flashed it from the old LCR-F to test the new flavor ;) and its sweet =) Im noob here so I may have a stupid question sorry about a2sd .. I flashed 1.1 then 1.1.1 , prepare the SD card via malez with swap to 64 and SD EXT to 512 , checked with A2SDGUI which telling me APP is on SD but , when I check memory space on settings I dont see the 512 mo (which is available on a2SD info) only the stock 200 mo and every time I installed and APPS it ates space on the internal memory (less than it should be) is it normal ? sorry for the question and my english another question Not sure if Its my connection or whatever but since I flashed this rom I found my data connection slower than before when I was on LCR F
  10. Thank you for your help but no urge , I was just wondering how is default home compare to ADW (in the light version) and what "bloatwares" are installed in the default rom (I like social jogger and doctogo for acer liquid etc ....) for now the light rom is very pleasant to use ! Thanks !
  11. Hi , Thank you for the hardwork ! Can you confirm me that fido and roger rom are simlock free ? I just tested your light rom and its simlock free (france , virgin mobile) but I want to test the 2 other to get all the crap inside (I want original home in fact for better livewallpaper support) BTW whait is the difference between these 2 roms ? different crapware ? TIA
  12. hi, sorry for the noob question but Ihave a problem with htcime keyboard I tried it by curiosity but don t like it , how can I switch back to another keyboard please ? (XT9 for instance ) I didnt find the shortcut TIA
  13. I see thank you for the fast reply just to confirm since you didn t answer my first question can I use your build.prop on DELL streak 1.6 version ? (since you talk about 02 I think its for 2.1 only but Im may be wrong) TIA sorry again Im still noob ^^!
  14. sounds good noobs time , noobs question is it for 1.6 or 2.1 or both ? How does it affect power consumption ? (maybe dell did it for this reason or whatever) Does it improve application rendering in general ? like rockplayer or floating image etc.... application ? (pretty jerky on 1.6 compare to my "old" acer liquid with only 768mhz) Im not sure but if and how you change pixel density , will fix widget issue like fancy widget or FML etc.. lots of widget are a mess on streak , maybe even "fix or improve" some launcher ? (adw) thank you anyway for all your effort !

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