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  1. To my amazement it started to charge with the USB charger the day before yesterday :rolleyes: But wall charger is still not working, seems I'll have to buy a new wall charger :D Thanks for the reply mate!
  2. Hi all, My Omnia suddenly refused to charge with the Wall charger, I checked with a USB charging cable bought off eBay and it didn't work either (Which was working like a charm before) I was watching a Video last night (Battery was 10%) and it was switched off since the battery went empty, Today I connected it to the Wall charger and it started to charge as usually, just after 2 seconds I heard a small noise (Like short circuit)from the wall charger, I believe it was due to improper contacts with the wall socket,not a big deal, but I switched off the wall charger immediately when I heard the sound, Now the phone refuse to charge with the Wall charger or the USB charger, not any Red/Green light, What is wrong here, help me please :rolleyes: :D :(
  3. How is the Digitizer from this seller doing now ? is it the Genuine thing as the seller mentions ? I'm just about to buy from him :huh:
  4. I hv 23557 premium ROM Weather tab doesn't show up my city, Sri Lanka - Colombo, Weather database editor app doesn't seem to work either, SPB shell's weather app has my city in it, any idea how to add my city ??? ;)
  5. ඔව් ඔව් මම එලකිරියෙ ඉන්නවා. ලංකාවෙ ඉන්නෙ gayannr not much active though වට්ස් යුවර් ID ? :P
  6. අහ්, එකෙන් තමයි ස්පීඩ් එක ඩිෆඉන් කරන්නෙ , class 2 : 2MBps , Class 4 : 4MBps like wise වෙන ලැන්ග්වේග් වලින් ගහල අපිව බෑන් කරයිද දන්නෙ නෑ , හික් හික්
  7. That's great! I'll be most probably ordering a replacement battery for omnia off eBay, any recommended sellers for the genuine thing ? :P
  8. http://www.kingston.com/india/flash/sdhc_micro.asp "SDC10/16GB 16GB microSDHC (Class 10) High Capcity Micro Secure Digital Card" :P
  9. I couldn't find any rated speeds of the Sandisk cards, but Kingston has several class ratings (Class 2 is 2MBps, Class 4 is 4, Class 10 is 10 likewise ) :P
  10. Very informative reply dude, Thanks a lot, did u do these tests in power saving mode or not ? :P BTW despite having a larger 1440mAh battery ; the Audio playback times are very poor isn't it ? I manage around 20hours of music with my Sony Ericsson C902 ( 930mAh battery); volume level at 40% and "Mega Bass" - on , mostly 256Kbps MP3s, P.S : Did u just say the phone is capable of playing 720p videos without converting :(
  11. Guys, What is the average Video/Audio playback duration of the Omnia i900 with a fully charged battery , say DivX movies Thanks in advance :P
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