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    VCD/DVD on the SmartPhone for DUMMIES

    hey, guys! my first time to post here. apart from the virtualdub thingie, you may also want to check out CHRIS BENJAMINSEN's own solution to playing movies on your Smartphone! :( http://smartphone.modaco.com/viewtopic.php?t=787 I haven't checked out VIRTUALDUB yet, but i found WINDOWS MEDIA CONVERTER ok too. :) You can try to download it through Kazaaa. It looks like the link at microsoft.com is dead the last time I tried to download from there. :? I guess one good thing about this one is that you only need media player to view a movie. even if it's stored in the phone. a bad thing though, last time i heard was that it couldn't convert mpeg files. :x anyway, just to give you another option. later!

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