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  1. Rom manila http://letitbit.net/download/10446.10f89dd...g_fix3.exe.html
  2. In this topic, I will lay out the firmware, make by me for Samsung GT-B7300 Omnia Lite. My Russian roms You can see what I have done before for Russian and Ukrainian users. I do Russian firmware for Samsung GT-B7300 is already half a year, but I'm often asked to make an English version. This is my first English firmware WM 6.5.5 21665 light. Firmware is fully functional and complete. But in case of mistakes will be corrected. Download the rom: http://letitbit.net/download/93124.93efa43...65_eng.exe.html From rom removed: 1. Samsung widgets 2. Gettinf Started 3. Memo 4. Video Editor 5. Midomi 6. Streamnig Player 7. QIK 8. RSS 9. Smart Search 10. Adobe Raader 11. Uconverter 12. Digital frame 13. Messenger 14. Markerplace 15. MS MyPhone 16. Windows Live 17. Communities 18. Search Phone 19. Search Windgets 20. Facebook 21. Help 22. MSN Weather 23. MSN Money 24. YouTube 25. Opera 26. Standard Screen Blocking 27. Ringtones Added smi wm pro sdk redist 2.2.0, 1.0, HTCSensorSDK.dll and Fixed many minor bugs. The program to install the firmware in the phoneDownloader_v2.4.1.exe DriversSamsung_CDMA_modem_4.1.34.zip Donate WebMoney: Z310172197173 R262871962564 E303436102994 U866560364345 B376617694769 Orders for Custom Firmware, contact the personal. I might add, to remove almost any program, themes, ringtones and sms tviki registry, in short all that you want only your money (price from $ 10 to $ 30 depending on the scope and timing of implementation, 20% of the scrip to pay in advance). Sorry for my bad English used translate.google.com
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