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  1. The set will freeze when the ram will be occupied withthe opened applications, so you may insure that the applications are closedproperly by opening the task manager window and chose “end all” Also go the bottom settings and chose “Enable to endrunning programs by tapping –x” Good luck!
  2. Dear: The only way to make sure that there is no screen hardware problem is to format your device, after the formatting you may get your phone OK, otherwise you need to change the touch panel ... Best wishes!
  3. Thank you for the replay ... I already spent some time to try to build my personal rom but unfortunately it didn't installed successfuly ... I'll try again
  4. Hi programming masters: cooking roms is hard procidur plus the required time for flashing, so do someone has a tool or a kind of software can be used on the phone to force the system to show and remove the unwanted programs which are built in the room? .... such as quick, youtube, facebook client, and many others ... this will shorten the time to get extra memory available the personal softwares ... Kind regards. :)
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