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  1. Just tested the beta (with new Zimage + 3D patch) and its great for a beta..big thanks to the dev team..u guys rocks.. Having problem when calling..it seems like when i put the phone to my ear, the sensor will turn off the screen (which is great) but it also goes to DEEP SLEEP making the speaker and microphone turns off. ive tested this a few times.. Calling with speakers works btw as long as the phone doesnt sleep. ** Hope the DEV team wouldnt mind looking at this issues as priority because this is the most important basic function for all of us.. :lol: - Battery life is looking good. (2% decrease for an hour of standby) Using wifi + downloading from the market will decrease the battery fast which i think normal and it is beta anyway..
  2. Yes..changelog.. which one will be the most bug free version wif cookie 2.0 if u dont mind telling us..?
  3. thanks for rom chef.. anywae, which one of these have the most highest free ram available except titanium edition..? i'm planning to install garmin or papago inside..maybe some games.. care to enlighten me chef or anyone with experiences.. thanks..
  4. looks weird and not like sense..
  5. great rom by rapid..thanks mate..currently on v4.12..goin for 4.2 - fast sense 2.5 - battery last longer than expected a few things dat i would like to figure it out.. - is it just me or the sense 2.5 with cookies tab crashes/freeze every time when i wanna change the layout..? is der any work-around/ways for me the change the home layout..? mind point me 2 the rite directions.. - did anyone got an error when launching garmin-xt..? i got this error saying "misalignment blabla.." help me out anyone.. - any universal csc to be use for malaysian users..? or point the rite direction.. thanks.. ^^
  6. great rom mate.. :huh: downloading noe.. :P mind listing some details - bug or known issues - fix and tweaks - free ram at start-up & after start up - changelogs thanks.. :blink:
  7. ow..stil looking forward though.. :P -yep all tabs including messaging.. :huh: -it would b great to include htc task manager into it also..heh.. :blink:
  8. hehe....enrico, how bout some teaser of ur incoming v2 rom..? :huh: my wish is that it has.. :blink: - full landscape capability - video call support using HTC dialer - full sense 2.5 capabilities.. - haret for dual-boot future android...? (optional) looking so forward..enrico ftw.. :P
  9. Great rom by enrico..thanks mate.. :blink: so far..faster than any other rom wif sense 2.5... :o plus free memory is higher than expected.. just wondering hows the performance on the new incoming rom (JD1/3)..? :huh: any screenies for some teasing..? :P
  10. mind telling me where to get this htc taskmanager..ive been looking for the working version plus how to install it..? ;)
  11. looking forward for this... :P is it possible to fix the videocall functionality on the rhodium dialer..? hope u dun mind putting all this helpful info when u release the rom.. :( - known issues (if any) - free storage & ram used after start-up - patch and fixes (if any) - customization cabs (if any) - changelogs (if any) - keyboard input used.. if im not mistaken the footprint tab isnt working on omnia 2 (not really used anyway )..? can remove it to free some space.. :( are there any cfc version of manila used..?
  12. hello there rodrigofd, Would you mind to kindly update your first post with this helpful info.. - Winmo Version - Change logs (if any) - Known issues ( with sense 2.5 or other relevant issue if got any ) - Some Screenshots.. - Available patch & fix.. - Videocall support ( which dialer used ) - Keyboard included ( samsung or htc)
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