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  1. Thank you for this ROM ! Works fine. At this time, no difference with JG2.
  2. Hello all ! Do you have some problem with Google Translator ? My titanium Weather not traducted anymore... Since perhaps a few day. I flash a new ROM, but the problem remains... I suspected a modification on Google Translator... Edit : possible solution (work now...), replace in TitaniumWeather.mscr some lines in the WovW function (at the end of the file). See modified function below, red lines are the modified ones : Code : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sub Tr #CHANGE the following line to change language, example "fr", "de", "ru", "gr", "es", "it" tlanguage = "fr" ttt=argv[1] #ttt=ToLower(ttt) if (tlanguage ne "en") link=ReadFile("http://www.google.com/translate_t?langpair=en|"&tlanguage&"&text="&ttt) pos = Find(link, "onmouseout=""this.style.backgroundColor='#fff'"">") If (pos) pos = pos + 47 len = Find(link, "</span>",pos)-pos ttt = SubStr(link,pos,len) ttt = Replace(ttt,">","") ttt = Replace(ttt,"<","") ttt = Replace(ttt,"&amp;#39;","'") ttt = Replace(ttt,"&"," ") ttt = Replace(ttt,"""","'") EndIf EndIf return(ttt) EndSub ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dacal
  3. Hello Sv0911 ! No time to test : it's my birthday ;-). Very impressed by the screenshots i saw in first post. I install it probably tomorow and report ! Have a nice night ! ++ Dacal
  4. Hello ! Please to annonce to my friend Sv0911 (and others) a new S2U2 pack, the Cell-Shading Effect pack by Dacal. Link : S2U2 Cell-Shading Effect Weather Pack Hope you like it ! Dacal
  5. @Sv0911 Very very nice !!! I love it ! Please upload ! I'm working on my new weather pictures for S2U2, i'll upload them as soon as possible. Dacal
  6. Hello all, For people who want to change the weather images, i create a pack for this plugin, based on the work of abumhmmd1 (from XDA, search sketchy glowed icons). Titanium Fulscreen Weather Pack - Sketchy Glowed Bye, Dacal
  7. Hello ! Sv0911, thx for your congratulations ! For people who allready intalled the cab provide by Sv0911, install the weather pack (link below, unzip in S2U2 folder and replace the weather files). If you want S2U2 looks like my pictures (clock, modified graphics,...), import the associate S2U2 theme attach to this post. Weather Pack for S2U2 For clean installation of S2U2 Fullweather with theme and Weather Stretchy Glowed pictures (no previous installation, or after removing Sv0911's cab), you can install the cab below : Complete S2U2 Fullweather Don't forget to install Titanium Fullscreen Weather Plugin first and configure "User Weather" in S2U2 ! Guys, let me know if all work on your phone(s) ! Dacal theme.zip
  8. Hello Dark ! Pas de soucis, je posterais aussi là-bas ;-). Du temps pour custo, comme plus de nouvelle ROM en 6.5.3 ;-)) Dacal
  9. Hello, My new S2U2 theme, base on the work of Sv0911 and a lot of author from the web, mainly abumhmmd1 (Sketchy Glowed weather icons) and demonizator (tPRO theme for S2U2). Go to XDA from more information. I did a lot of ajustement on size, color, etc... and create my own clock. The result : I also adapted the weather images for Titanium Weather Fulscreen. If someone interested, i'll post the theme later. Dacal
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