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  1. I redownloaded and still didn't work. No biggie, the Rom is rock solid. Can't wait for you to start hammering away at kernel optimizations :D
  2. @Paul: Someone over at XDA uploaded the HTC Desire system dump. In case you hadn't already seen it here is the link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=785034
  3. Over on XDA there is a market fix thread that you should check out. Not at the computer to be able to link to it now but I know it has helped many with this issue.
  4. Nice Rom Paul. However, it's a bit laggy for me. I think primarily because it's using the 2.09 release as opposed to the newer 2.14 leak. Look forward to future updates. Thanks
  5. hello mate, fancy seeing you here :lol: I agree, the calibrator would be a nice addition indeed
  6. Paul, nice to have you back. I'm sure the wait will be well worth it. Thanks for keeping us lowly N1 users in mind :lol:
  7. It is pretty funny until you waste your time downloading it thinking it may work. BT 100% does not work, not one bit. He did fix the low memory problem though, that is pretty handy.
  8. Not working for me but then again I am using the N1. Didn't recognize my Jawbone or car BT unit.
  9. The new Cyan kernel is pretty impressive. Makes any phone fly and now comes with pershoots audio hack. I have not tried it with Paul's ROM yet. Without functioning BT, can't make this my daily driver.
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