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  1. Hi guys, As I was checking Huawei website I have noticed new link posted today (18/10/2012) for ICS kernel source code for the G300 with a note that "this kernel file is just for ROM developers" !! http://www.huaweidev...softid=NDY4NzQ= NOTE: this kernel file is just for ROM developers and do not used to upgrade your moblie phone as the firmware,which may make your phone totally dead. I hope this will be the start for even better ROMs for our phone :)
  2. I use to have random reboot issue when the phone is connected to Bluetooth Carkit when I had B926 but disappeared when I installed B927 but unfortunately the issue is appeared back with this ROM, anyone had similar issue and any idea on how to resolve it ?
  3. Pathfinder23

    B927 - My Experience.

    I use Bluetooth car kit on a daily basis and I had the random reboot issue with the chinese ICS B926 (I have only noticed it when the phone in the car holder, didn't really thought it might be the Bluetooth car kit that causing it) But now with the B927 I haven't noticed it yet after 3 days of use..
  4. Pathfinder23

    ICS Spellcheck Fix

    Oops, looks like I did it the manual way probably took me the same time as booting into recovery & flashing the zip file then restart, also I ended up with only 1 dictionary (so it's not all bad) ;)
  5. Pathfinder23

    ICS Spellcheck Fix

    I used the link Andy mentioned above (thanks) and this fixed it for me, I had to rename the file downloaded from LatinIMeGoogle.apk to LatinIME.apk to replace the existing file in /system/app
  6. Currently on Paul's ROM but having any luck upgrading to ICS as am getting "update failed" message, tried different SD cards, diffeneg update method with no luck, so I think I am stuck until UK version released, hopefully !
  7. Pathfinder23

    Huawei G300 & Sony Ericsson LiveView

    Thanks ellis456q, You can pick on these for about £20 new on eBay so it's worth if if all the functionality advertised is working :) hmm...
  8. Hi there, As the title suggest, anyone tried Sony Ericsson LiveView with the G300 if so do is it work ?
  9. brilliant, thanks a million :) now it's even more tempting !!
  10. Hi michal, what languages included in this ROM (more specifically arabic) ? am like you not bothered about installing custom ROMs so the only question I have would be.. If I install this ROM will I be able to install the official UK version from Huawei (my guess would be yes as it's from Huawei but just wanted to check) :)
  11. You can order this tablet now and will ship in 2 -3 weeks the price is £159 for the 8GB and £199 for the 16GB. not bad at all, but would I replace my new iPad with that ? probably not https://play.google....?id=nexus_7_8gb
  12. seems to be working now.. not really sure why !
  13. Tried to download the latest build B220612 from the link in the 1st post but getting "forbidden" error message, anyone have alternative link ? Thanks :)
  14. Thanks Dazzozo for your reply, I think "Googlifies" need to be added to the dictionary like "googling" :) I couldn't find the navigation app on my phone or in the store but when I opened the google maps app and then changed the view to navigation the icon suddenly appeared in my phone menu ! result.... The only thing left to make it the prefect ROM for me is the bluetooth (so I can use the bluetooth carkit, better be safe than get points ;)

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