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  1. http://www.androidtechnical.info/romlib.html OEM file.
  2. Cus there 2 different sources of your weather. :) And yes, it is funny.............one has a moon on screen, and "sunny"! Should be "clear" don't you think? . OMG. :D
  3. Yes. Either un-check animations in widgets, or un-install.
  4. I think some developers should take a look at this...... I am using Enomther Rom, with Weather and Toggle widget, + Beautiful widgets. Well, at least i was trying both of those widgets programs. There is an option in Beautiful Widgets program, to set up weather animation to be seen, after you unlock your screen. I selected it while using this program, then i decided to go back to Weather and Toggle, because it looks more like Sense UI. Now, this morning when i woke up my phone, i noticed clouds passing by on my screen with Weather and Toggle widget!! It looks exactly like original Sense UI clock!! Take a look at the picture.....Nice..... :)
  5. +2 Me too. And this is what he put in his changelog: IT JUST SWEPT ME OFF MY FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bananas!!!! That s*** just does NOT work, like in all other roms!!!! Some people are funny.................jeeezz :(
  6. Yeah, i do! And yeah, i did create few roms myself, unfortunately i was unable to make BT and camera working either. And looks like NOBODY knows how the hell to do it!! You want to know reason for my attitude?? If one does NOT know how to do something, one should NOT make promises, not even give hope, especially to the "public". My roms are buggy and not really stable, so i do not share it with the "public" (forum). They are mine, at least till i am sure, they are OK to share. Yet, i am not leaving anything "un-finished" (Alpha r22 or whatever), and then jump onto something newer. Look around you..........most of the people who do not know much about programming, thet try to speak for some developers; they are busy, they other staff to do, just wait, they are on Holiday or vacation, etc........they all are trying to lick up their [email protected]$#%s, because they need/want something free. And this is true!! We all like free staff, now don't we? But, (IMO) if developer opens an INTERNET forum and is sharing its work, hey!!! - nobody put the gun against his head and said - do it! Right? Yet, some of us paid for subscription, some of us donated, some of us thanked them for their hard work. But, for God's sakes - do NOT make promises you cannot keep!!! That what got on my nerve!!! I.E. - Rodriguez - talented guy, baking like crazy, most of his ROM are fine and stable. But he should NOT be saying that BT works on his phone, if this thing does NOT work on hundreds other phones!! Do you get the picture???? G-day to you!
  7. Yeah yeah yeah, he's always on Holidays, or vacation, or doing this, and that........since March :( Lucky to be him, i guess..... :( We can read twitts, too.
  8. If so, where is Paul's ROM with working BT than? Would be nice knowing its all Paul's work...... :(
  9. http://kingxklick.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=14 According to this above........................ :( How about it, Paul?? How come you are NOT the first one :(
  10. Yep, you are right. Maybe it is just one of "those days" I am having today? :D Like you said: hope was given.......I really appreciate his (Paul) work, I really do, but when I tried today r23, then I had to get back to a different rom, I just did it with heartache. Well, wait is the only option, since I am not "as smart as he is", with programming that is. But, thank you for your kindness replies. :angry:
  11. Yeah, i know. Source was released way long ago, that is why i was wondering.........why to leave something "un-finished"??? I know, there were alot of new things, like Froyo, etc., but i bet there are hundreds of us, who would rather use COMPLETED Desire Port rom, than another bunch of newer roms, also "broken". Like i said, r23 is great.......but look at the posts.....dozens of things do NOT work! I know, this is called "development", and i know meaning of it. But, hey!!!!! Since the source has been released, we have been given some promises..................Don't get me wrong..........sometime ago i have donated, but now i just feel like "been cheated on". That is just not fair, i think.
  12. R 23, and R22.1 are really great Roms. But, why oh why, NOBODY can make BT to work?? Or, at least, where HTC Sense widgets can be found, so they can be used with Nexus One?
  13. You are not the only one :angry: read here
  14. That would be cool...................... :lol:
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