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  1. For the moment, Paul oBrien is in vacation, and he work on the Modaco Switch for HTC One, and after for Galaxy S4 Sent from my One between sky and earth
  2. I'm sorry Lenny, I don't want to worry anybody, that's why I've posted the screenshots. The first screenshot is from my phone. I've updated by OTA the switch beta8 just when Paul release it (22 july) The second is from the download that I've made before my previous post (today) Regards Lenny
  3. I think that the OP had an error. In fact the Md5 Sum for the Switch beta 8 is this sum: a3d94fc662553fe276a7a9d70d401a66 look this screenshot: and the Md5 sum for the S-On Package is: 1bf819f200135ed25a9e3e47d082442
  4. No you need to do a full wipe (data included). For the second question, it will come but later
  5. When you have dowloaded the zip file, you can compare with MD5 checksum (on your PC) or MD5 checker (on your device) Try to install TWRP as recovery
  6. I don't remember, but when I use Sense, I've got the notifications - Led & Icon in the notification bar - I haven't tried with GE version...I will try Yes I use TWRP last version ( without problem
  7. Have you wiped data before the first flash ? Try to re-install properly with a wipe date => Beta 1 - Beta 8 - S-On package and eventually the root package and check your mD5 sum ;) Which recovery do you use ?
  8. No, Since I flashed Super SU Switch with Beta 5 version, I have no problem for my root. Now I'm on Beta 8
  9. On Beta 6: My wallpaper (Sense) is different from GE. I changed my wallpaper once GE, switched to Sense, and I have the same now. Flashed beta 7 normally not by OTA Paul, can you cut off the HTC Boot Sound please ;)
  10. I can't see Switch on settings (I'm on still Beta 6) - I see Switch and Switch Updater as Apps Just downloaded Beta 7. Can you add Switch as toggles ?
  11. I will try to flash my previous rom with Sense and try your FlipSwitch ;) In summary, yes all good. I will search tomorrow some eventual bugs :P
  12. First feedback after a fresh install: Beta 1 flashed - Beta 5 flashed after with fast boot unticked Wifi connected and bluetooth without problem Switched several times both versions (Sense => GE => Sense => GE - Sense) All Apps restore with TB. Flash Switch Su because I have all times a request for root after to coming back to Sense My 1st Gmail account is on both version. The battery is drain faster after a lot of reboots and it's logical
  13. Apologize, I've seen in same time that I've sent my post. I've got beta 4 now. Thanks and sorry
  14. Thanks for your invite Paul that I just received Download and flashing now. Will report asap I'm looking forward to test it now
  15. I've got this item for my N7 3G+ since 2 weeks and it's very good, by quality, good protective, and the automatic sleep/wake is really functionnal MoKo™ Slim-fit Cover Case for Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet by Asus, Black (with Automatic Sleep/Wake Function, Protective Hardback, Built-in Multi-angle Stand, Elastic Hand Strap, and Stylus Loop)--Lifetime Warranty
  16. Android 4.2.1 (JOP40D) for Nexus 7 Wi-Fi/3G – Manual Update Available [updated] DOWNLOAD LINK Install: Those with a custom recovery can just download the zip below, move it to their device, and flash away. If you're running stock recovery, substituting only the zip file name in Step 2. Just after users began reporting that your Google Nexus N7 3G device were receiving an update to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean (build JOP40C, to be precise), it looks like the manual update package is available for download. As could be expected, this coincides almost perfectly with the launch of Google's newest additions to the Nexus family – the Nexus 4 and 10. For those ready to download and install manually, the process is easy. If you have a custom recovery, just download the zip (linked below), move it to your device, and flash as usual. Those with stock recovery should keep the file on their computer, and just follow a few easy instructions: Disclaimer: I'm not responsible in case of brick of your device - proceed at your own risk. [size=1]Thanks to AndroidPolice[/size]
  17. I'm so lucky, I've bought a B50 ;) But in XDA forum, some people have rooted their TF with this app and without problem. If you want ; XDA Forum
  18. A great news for our TF 101, ASUS Slider and TF101G (Transformer 3G model). Indeed, we can rooted our all TF B70/B80/B85 with this new tool build by - @IEF - @kmdm - @RaYmAn - @Bumble-Bee - @lilstevie Razorclaw is a one-click root for all ASUS Transformer Razorclaw is a new tool (on-device!) for rooting any version ASUS Transformer. It requires the latest OTA update from ASUS. Currently known supported versions: ASUS Transformer TF101 ( Transformer 3G TF101G ( Slider SL101 ( nov 16: Works with Slider as well! Also, Google suspended the app from market, so get it from the site! Simply install, click Root, and you're good to go! Go on this page and take your choice by download it. (APK - Source ) For users interrested, and if you are not yet on 8.6.19, you can find those differents links for download it. Actually, it's only for WW version: Download MAJ WW version Mirror : Miroir : MAJ WW version
  19. A new update was realised by FOTA for TF 101 HoneyComb 3.2.1 New firmware available now 20110925 New firmware available Android Version 3.2.1 Gps Version V5.5.8 Wifi Version V5.2.63 Bluetooth Version V6.24 Build Version HTK75.US_epad- New Feature Supernote app lets you use your finger as a pen or pencil to take notes (please see sales kit along with retail note) App Update polaris office update, Asus Storage update Inprovement *Browser with Adobe Flash improvement (Youtube) *Browser force close improvement *Improve Wifi Stabilty Changelog (Dates in bold are actual dates the firmware was released FOTA for the Wifi model (TF101). Info starting with orange text is for the 3G model (TF101G), and may be out of build, or chronological order, in this list.) Firmware Revisions: WW release expected 29th September 28th September 2011 (Pushed to US devices.) Honeycomb 3.2.1 (security update)Build number: updated: v5.2.63Bluetooth updated: v6.24Kernel changed.Adobe Flash improvement in the default browser.Polaris office & ASUS WebStorage update.Browser force-close fixes.Improved Wi-Fi stability.Supernote added.Added more language translations into ASUS Apps.Added Farsi IME support.Czech IME improvement : support Qwerty & Qwertz.JP SKU fixed translation bug and Polaris office font.CN SKU 3rd party app bug fix.Improved Chinese handwriting prediction, recognise characters from each stroke.
  20. I have just received my TFT, which I have rooted immediately, but I''ve installed this recovery : Clockworkmod recovery roach-tf101-r1 I just wanted a confirmation that I can use it without problem for flash Hr9 ModaCo version. Thk's for your answer ;)
  21. On the bootloader of your DS. you must shoot quick reboot (temporary) of your DS. Then reboot by pressing on Low Volume + Power and normally a screen will be displayed or you will see if you are S-ON or S-OFF
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