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  1. Hi Buddy Thanks for the ROM .. just flash it 2 days ago and what I can say is: It is fast and represent my preference. The apps I mostly use is the office and opera 10. Although I would prefer if Samsung Today is installed in the ROM. Thanks again
  2. I got 74 MB free and after using it for a few hours the free memory will go down to around 65 (not bad). One nice thing with this ROM after you flash it .. Samsung gives you the option to use TouchWiz or Samsung Today or Windows Default for your main screen. I can't find the MainMenu and Cube also. Fast ROM I must say
  3. My first experience of flashing my Omnia 2. Thanks Gary ;) I use Octan mini for the flashing process and take me around 15 minutes without any problem. Got 85 MB Free for the RAM by the way how to use hte Pagepool?
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