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  1. jesz80

    [ROM LEAK] - Gingerbread - FINAL ROM

    Download the ROM and latest ADT (Acer Download Tool). Flash with ADT. Just plug in ur phone with USB Debugger Mode Enable via Setting/Application/Development. This is one of the most top notch ROM i ever had and run on my Liquid MT. Again and again, thanks Liquid_User. U're da man!
  2. jesz80

    [ROM LEAK] - Gingerbread - FINAL ROM

    such a beautiful and smoother ROM this is. once again, thank you Liquid_User !
  3. jesz80

    [ROM LEAK] - Gingerbread - FINAL ROM

    THANK YOU SO MUCH LIQUID_USER ! U're the BEST of the BESTEST !! \m/ cheers!!!!!!
  4. jesz80

    [ROM LEAK] - Gingerbread - FINAL ROM

  5. hey there, yeah i'm afraid the Acer UI is no longer there. I've tried the leaked 2.3.3 and it was way choppy compare to this leaked 2.3.4. So far so good for this 2.3.4 and the flow for 3D Snooker and Contract Killer is way much much more better and smoother alot :) whole game is movin in smooth flow without jerking/choppy. Hopefully the upcoming Final 2.3.4 will improve alot more better B)
  6. jesz80

    Chainfire 3d openGL driver

    great! downloaded it but how do i...eerrrrrr "install" it ?? any guide line? truly sorry but i'm not an expert android user :D thanks and cheers!
  7. jesz80

    Benchmark & Overclocking

    Hi Nesli, how u doing? wat is ur version? 2.2.2? 100.19? 100.24? 100.35? currently using the leaked 2.3.3, rom was alright but it's lagging when comes to playin games even a simple angry birds. the whole things jerk. probably will roll back to froyo for its smoothness :D :D
  8. jesz80

    [ROM] MIUI 1.4.15

    thank you so much vache, u're truly great ! :) once again, thank you.
  9. jesz80

    [ROM] CM7 RC4 for Liquid Metal

    good day Vache :) mind to upload it? dont mind give it a try becoz i've never try MIUI before in my whole android life hahahaha :( thank you very much and have a nice day :)
  10. jesz80

    Remove Recovery..??

    hi cao boi shang, how are u? have u try the clean boot? if i am not mistaken, boot with power button + vol up + camera :) should be ok :) good luck fren
  11. jesz80

    Acer Liquid Metal Kernel

    Good day Vache how u doin? Wonder can this work on the latest 2.3.3? thanks :) cheers!
  12. jesz80

    [ROM] CM7 RC4 for Liquid Metal

    so when will be the camera issue be solve? overall, this is an almost perfect rom i ever encountered :) bravo !
  13. jesz80

    [ROM 2.3.6] t&l Metal

    Thank you for the reply guys :D Спасибо! danke!
  14. jesz80

    [ROM 2.3.6] t&l Metal

    the FPS is limited or unlocked? i noticed on the official 2.3.3, playing angry birds were laggy is not really smooth compare to 2.2.2 but the rest, 2.3.3 was alright :D
  15. hi, i faced this issue too. wat i did, i reboot my phone by pressing Volume Up, Camera and Power Button. This will shown Clean Boot. Hopefully this solve your issue. Happy trying bro! :D

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