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  1. Any idea about the date of the release of the official Jellybean for OneX?
  2. Do I have to unlock my device first before I can root it? Based on my previous experiences with Liquid, all I need to do is to flash a root image. Something I missed?
  3. I would prefer to keep my MT, just like you, coz so many memories.
  4. That's a great news. I am wondering if I should get an HTC One X or stay with my MT.
  5. I have been away from this for quite some time and wondering if it is possible to have 4.0 running on S120? Many of you must have learned the security issues of Android 3.0. And 4.x is a more secured ROM for Android box. That's why I am asking.
  6. I had the same problem last year. It turned out to be the HW problem. I had to return the phone to local dealer for MB replacement.
  7. Yes. I have no problem with versions pre 4.3. But I use Ext2, not Ext4. Is Ext4 a "MUST HAVE"?
  8. Link2SD does not work. I got error message about ext. partition not available.
  9. Just upgraded to 4.2c and 4.3 is out! You are amazing! Do I need to WIPE before flash the new version?
  10. Thanks! Everything is fine except GMail. FC everytime I try to launch it.
  11. PinGuy, The mirror link to BLUE_ICS_Link2SD is actually a Vanilla version. Could you correct it? Thanks!
  12. Thanks! I got Busybox problem and is downloading the new version now. The link is kind of slow. I guess people are eager to try out your new gem.
  13. I wiped all before I flashed the 4.1 and everything has been running just like gem.
  14. I am downloading now. Thanks! Do I need to wipe before flashing the newer version? I am currently using v4a.
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