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  1. Now even the wildire froyo based sense rom has leaked , no idea when something happens for the legend
  2. It seems paul is only up for those 1ghz phones & doesn't wish to show his engineering prowess ...
  3. dont worry dude , its just a matter of time when root for 2.03 arrives
  4. well now i am bugging them constantly on twitter , hope to engage them soon
  5. waiting for some one to root the legend 1.32.xx please
  6. With all the developers kinda staying shut on the legend , makes me think twice to keep this phone for six months at a long shot ...
  7. thanks for being a developer for android community ... really appreciated
  8. thanks for the release , although i can't actually test it as my phone can't be rooted right now !!
  9. I am willing to upgrade to modaco ad free but please answer my question
  10. i have build 1.32 on my legend , can i root my phone ?
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