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  1. In which case, I'm in @flibblesan. What's the next step?
  2. If this is still available, I'm up for purchasing it.
  3. That looks like a nice case (especially for the money). I went with http://www.issentiel.co.uk/google-lg-nexus-4-leather-case-black-prestige.html which is nice, but a little more bulky than I was hoping for.
  4. I'm getting the same thing Paul. I used ROM Toolbox pro to uninstall the GAPPS I didn't need (including dialler, dialler storage and camera which seemed a little pointless ;-))
  5. Zarch1972, Kobo allows import of ePubs from within the app. Not a bad reading experience.
  6. Paul bought two (just to be safe). Amazingly still available from nook.co.uk.
  7. I initially went to a Carphone Warehouse to grab the £5 deal, which had sold out. So instead I plumped on http://goo.gl/lcnUj which was good but not great, awesome protection but a bit of a pain to open and close and the corner tabs got in the way of turning the device off. Got home and found a video review of http://goo.gl/oL06Z which I ordered. Once received I found it to be exactly what I wanted (looks very similar to the LuvTabs cover a lot of you have mentioned). The SmartPower function works well and the reverse folds nicely to make a desk stand. Service was good (next day delivery as promised), but it seems to be out of stock at the moment. Just my 2p
  8. Certainly appeared to work for me. The app is loaded with the $10 credit, I just haven't tried spending the credit yet.
  9. Apologies, I made an assumption because I bought mine with through Google Wallet payment so I thought the credit would be good.
  10. Paul Small(ish) issue. I'm using the Kitchen to generate my custom ROM and despite de-selecting Magazines it's still showing up :-( Just wanted to flag it up. Thanks for another great ROM. And those of you new Nexus 7 owners with your £15/$25 Google play credit, you can use it to pay for Modaco Ad-Free and then you get 12 months of Kitchen use and Paul gets a couple of beers. Sounds like a decent use of your credit to me.
  11. Paul This ROM is fantastic, well worth the subscription so I could customise. This tablet (and the accompanying ROM, obviously) blows my Dell Streak 7 away completely. Never managed to get a reliable ICS ROM on that machine, let alone JB. Oh well, time to flash the Dell back to Honeycomb and give it to my sister :-) Thanks again Paul.
  12. Not forgetting the (almost) companion program Android2Cloud http://www.appbrain.com/app/com.suchagit.android2cloud
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