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  1. randy


    i'm not a lawyer. that's why i was asking if the disclaimer at the bottom is enough. they're just those that i usually visit. i haven't asked other window's mobile related sites. the others don't have RSS. i was just trying to make the windows mobile related sites centralized in one site. stealing hits? no, i'm actually adding to their site's popularity because of the links from this site. also, if you will notice, i just display the excerpt and link back to the author's site for the complete article. i hope you guys get my point. if not, then you may delete this entire thread. also delete my account here in modaco and everything i contributed when this site was just starting. thanks for everything.
  2. randy


    thanks for the warning guys. i took them so seriously that's why i reduced the size of ms logo and put a disclaimer at the bottom. are these enough?
  3. randy


    that was why i asked each blog/website owner if i could include them in my project coz i know that some people like you would think that way. luckily, all of them allowed me to syndicate their site except you.
  4. randy


    thanks for the tip awarner. i'll change it to something else.
  5. I just wanna announce my latest project. I hope it's ok. www.windowsmobileblogs.com Mods, feel free to move this to the right forum. Thanks.
  6. randy

    DX OS X



    Features: Desktop Docked Menu Missed Calls All Day Event MRU/Inbox/Calendar/Profile Programs Dial Information Confirmation Alert/Error Volume ActiveSync Incoming Call "Animated" Startup "Animated" Shutdown Media Player DX Collections CAB installer Comments: Some menus are accessible only if you are using SMART ROM (Smart Philippines). for ORANGE rom: click here to download the fix. To install: Place the CAB file on your phone and execute. Restart your phone.


  7. randy

    Maligayang kaarawan sa YOU!

    hahaha... victim ko si pyke. :) ikaw /you nakuha mo na ba?
  8. randy

    Maligayang kaarawan sa YOU!

    /you , paano ba yung ginagawa ni pzee?
  9. randy

    Maligayang kaarawan sa YOU!

    langya... kala ko ako na ang niluluto dito eh. kse bday ko nung 15. :) :lol:
  10. randy

    EB Thread

    sorry padi. uwi ako sa bicol. enjoy. :)
  11. randy

    Tambayan Thread

    nice seeing you again kap... it's always been nice listening to your stories. rodnav/pyke, nice pocket pcs. i wish i could afford to have one. someday.... buboy, pano yan balik 2002 na tayo? ganda pa naman ng 2003. :lol:
  12. randy

    EB Thread

    d2 kme hanggang magsara :D nkkatig-isa p lng kmeng beer. Posted from my SmartPhone!
  13. randy

    EB Thread

    Posted from my SmartPhone! mga tsong, d2 kme ni pls66man s quattro, timog. sunod kyo.
  14. randy

    HTC Tanager with Windows Mobile 2003?

    thru a friend. ayaw niyang pasabi name niya eh at kung saan siya nagwo-work. di rin nga binigay yung installer.

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