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  1. Re-engineer the cab file and replace the 0409.mui with the desired language mui files.
  2. Please install the attached cab for the HTC Messaging client to work. It will work only in English (0409) not in any other language Sense. Bigboss_Messaging_Client_Fix.cab
  3. I don't have this problem with my 2019 development. I generally go to settings -> disable it first and then enable it. Sense restarts fine. I also have a mortscript for the same which does it silently(non-CHT). CHT, the built in tool works fine. Ofcourse you can link to the mirrors of my packages. No problem.
  4. Hi Thunder, Gr8 to see you back. Any plan to make the same Sense ROM in English? I would like to try the same.
  5. Here's the link for Sense 2.5 2018: http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...d/#entry1387984 Please go through the thread before installing it. I have not released the Sense 2.5 2019 cab of mine.
  6. Flashed with this ROM. Working flawlessly with Manila 2.5 Sense 2019 installed. With programs like HTC Phone Canvas, S2U2 loaded after 30 minutes 45mb Free RAM.
  7. Hi Thunder, Any chance of making the 23145 version in English. I am using your 23144 version with Sense installed and it is running very smooth and stable. Thanks!
  8. Hi Thunder Thanks! for this wonderful ROM. I am using the English ROM for nearly last 2 days with Sense 2.5 installed. It seems Fast and Stable for me with no lags.
  9. The link posted is invalid. It goes to the path: http://wm6.5.3.23144_lite_en_fixed.nb0/ Please correct the link path. Thanks for Cooking ROMs in English.
  10. Gr8 Work Daskolas!! I am loving this ROM. Only concern is the Free RAM but I am managing it by disabling some services which I don't want using SKTools. I am getting about 30-33MB RAM all the time after having S2U2, Phone Canvas and HTC MEssaging all enabled. I am only missing the CHT.. :) ( it uses lot of memory). Thanks again!
  11. Strange I am using the same Manila version and I have just tried adding 2 more cities, it added with no issues. any ways, Please unzip and copy the attached file below to your \windows folder and overwrite the existing one. 2330fc3c_manila.zip
  12. For me, I have no issues with calender. It is updating for me. May be some other application you installed is conflicting with it.
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