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  1. this is discrimination of russian people and their culture!!11 ;) i'll set all my bears armed with garmoshkas and balalaykas on you!!1
  2. i dont need translator to write and read english ;) respect? whom? there? - no way..
  3. DiluTe, translate.google.com мазафака.
  4. tmp_do, nice. can you share any manual how to adapt themes for liquid?)
  5. братан, вернись, я все прощу!
  6. hey, why so serious? :D X-pro aim nat troulin' :) by the way... guys with problems, try to install another dialer. p h o n e x for example. or maybe a new build doesn't mean less bugs...
  7. cook a new brain and make all russian people forget the mistakes of your motherland in 1941-1945, buddy. may be you'll share yo icon pack, not screens there?
  8. ничего нового\интересного, а тему для Манилы и иконки любой дурак может вручную поменять... я разочарован.
  9. this is my variation of gtx on spbms and on m2d (Shurik A's M2D rom)
  10. gtx is ok, so i keep waiting) WP7 like interface is niiiice too :angry:
  11. bingo! ...and in manila we have tons of useless, hungry for RAM graphics (actually its not a problem, but...) ^ smells like explanation new rom disappointed me, but screens looked pretty not shitty. mortscrapipt /like a python on symbian/ is for boys, who have no girls) imho, конечно.
  12. yes of course by the way titanium or spb mobile shell are more flexible in tuning, and less buggy in use (if brain.nb0 and arms.bin are working properly)
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