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  1. My wifi suddenly died just like you. Some other guy suffer the same issue has been confirmed wifi module fried by HTC.
  2. I tried too. If fresh rom didn't solve this problem, maybe this is a HW problem........ Waiting for further solutions...
  3. I'm using the cm5.0.7.1 which worked perfectly before. I also tried sevral orther ko files exported from many other version of cm rom and still not working.............
  4. I've been troubled by this issue for almost 1 week.......... From logcat CODEE/WifiService( 139): Failed to load Wi-Fi driver. From insmod CODE# insmod bcm4329.ko insmod: init_module 'bcm4329.ko' failed (Invalid argument) Still looking for solutions....
  5. May 19th? Really? Are you sure about that? I thought it would be Jun or July right after the iPhone 4..........
  6. Android user in China had got the desire already. Does Paul have any further progress with the desire rom for nexus one?
  7. Do I have to wipe data before updating A r19 to A r20?
  8. Maybe Paul got the FM Radio problem solved......so...........
  9. what does the "r" between Alpha and 19 stand for? i didnt see it this morning.
  10. An other issue: Internet browser. Opened new windows in background show blank thumb before view them. Does this bug need to be fix?
  11. Or would you please just remove the "stock" gallery3d widgets which called "picture frame" away from A20 and so on, so we can install the gallery ourselves. Otherwise we'll get both "Picture Frame" and "Picture frame" in widgets list...... What's the apk name of the picture frame widget in A19 by the way?
  12. Graphic/Video browser from stock rom............. Any opinions?
  13. Nicely done, bro!!! Thanks!!! By the way, would you please import the Gallary3D.apk from the stock ROM in which way you can remove the "picture frame" widget. Too i'm looking forward for the bluetooth fixing being done~~~~ Good Luck Buddy!! :) Gallery3D.apk.zip PS:remove the ".zip" of the attached file name.
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