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  1. Hi everyone. I would like to buy ark S but I would like to know if is any option to unlock SIM lock for free. thx for any advice.
  2. Hi dev-team yesterday I installed CM6 B1 and after all day playing all fine, as I mentioned in previous post is quickest, stable, flash now working OK but at evening I Finnish charge to 100 % Wifi, B/T, GPS - off and morning battery completely empty? 8 hours and battery flat? Has anyone similar experience with this issue? And please can anyone measure boot time to android - time start when press HARET mine result - 4:58 (installed on SD)
  3. ok than why all application and language setting was there, after clean install, I see how installer formatted partition ext4. KB OK fine and what about support flash player? update works on v10.2.157.340 Link THX
  4. installed at SD - OK used old partition ext and swap first boot approx- 10 min surprise- all app already in that mean upgraded old system finally - is quit quickest as froyo 3 but still have to wait when clink on app just 3-5 sec (memory occupied 45-55MB) 1- bug - keyboard has missing numbers in top right corner (qwerty-12345) - missing 3 6 7 8 9 but if change to numeric (left down button) all numbers are there and works 2-bug - not working adobe flash player v10.1.61.68 when instaled browser crash any idea how watch video at web? (NOT youtube!) THX for you enthusiasm to DO IT.
  5. Dear dev-team can you add some screenshots CM6 please we are un-patience.
  6. I going ask again how can add in this beta 3 mine ringtones? I create new folders at SD/media/audio/ringtones/anyringtone.ogg SD/android/media/audio/ringtones/anyringtone.ogg mnt/media/audio/ringtones/anyringtone.ogg but still is NOT THERE in settings/sound/phone ringtone any help please
  7. please ho copy ringtone to android? to system I am try over standard file manager but I cannot
  8. guys is working beta 2 on yours Omnia 2 OK, due to me phone is locked due to imei 0000000000000 rest is great and quick have you installed? please share yours experience thx Vladimir
  9. what about replacement efs/ folder from working froyo? i tryied but not works , I replaced efs/ folder in tar.gz but still imei 000000000000000 damn it!!!
  10. Any idea why phone not working and imei is 000000000000000 in this froyo 2.2 from http://o2droid.phj.hu/index_en.php (beta2) this is quick stable but PHONE not works! rest is OK and beta 1 from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1040025 Android Froyo (2.2) Beta Releases on Omnia 2 from Almar and his team working but freezing and have some issue but PHONE works OK can any one mix this 2 together or can anyone tell me which part of date is for phone? I would like replacing Almar phone into beta2 froyo2.2 HUngary THX
  11. HI perfect stable ROM 'Energy' style 23xxx sence 2.5 cookie 2.0 energy all perfect only missing for me clasic samsung clock any ideas where can download
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