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  1. Hi, where can I find the Final Album Fix patch? And backlight turns off after 25 to 30 seconds even settings have been changed to 1 minute or more, is there a fix for this? thanks!
  2. Unfortunately my DSK3:MMC Card did not show up at the drop down menu of NueStorage, so I guess mine is hardware related issue but my missing My Storage issue started after doing the modification of the boot up screen that require to install a certain cab file also
  3. This guys are the best when it comes to batteries Mugen Power Batteries, they live in their quality and awesome customer service http://www.mugenpowerbatteries.info/epages...8000XL/Black%22 Im using one right now and Im very satisfied with the purchase, shipping is fast too!
  4. Hi Rapid, very nice ROM! just want to ask where can I find the "Internet Sharing" in your ROM? Thanks.
  5. Hi, we have the same issue regarding of the missing 16GB My Storage and I myself have been looking for a solution. I got the Bell Omnia 2 unlocked from a friend but before he hand it to me he did some modifications same thing to what you had describe " installed an app, HD2 Mini lock screen, from the CAB that was on "My Storage", but the progress bar did not advance" So I guess this procedure is deadly for the 16GB built in memory. My problem is, if Im gonna send it for warranty and they will find out its already unlocked, will they void the warranty? The phone was unlocked by Bell's method and me ended up paying $75 for the unlock code.
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