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  1. I just wondered if there was any progress on MoDaCo switch for the HTC One M8? I was hoping to run it so I could also try GPE edition, and hopefully upgrade it to the new "L" release when it comes in Sept / Oct? Cheers Stewart
  2. With there being a Google Play Edition, do you think that MoDaCo Switch will be a possibility with the M8?
  3. Its projects like this that are making me think about not going Nexus for my next phone, and maybe going M8. Hopefully a MoDaCo switch like program will come out for that also!! :D
  4. I still can't get the MoDaCo toolkit to work on my Nexus 4 (running ParanoidAndroid), installed the Xposed Framework, MoDaCo toolkit, but when I change settings on it, it doesn't actually do anything on my device? Any ideas / ways I can troubleshoot?
  5. Paul, would there be anyway you could add an option for the "double swipe" to open the "notification settings" instead of the 2 finger pull down? I think an early build that Android police had, had this functionality! I think it would be easier than using the 2 finger pull down as you need to adjust your hand placement to do it? Cheers Stewart
  6. I looked at the Nokia wireless charging plate the other day, seems to be a nice piece of kit! I *think* it is qi compatible, and if I had my N4 (its being held hostage until Christmas), I would have stuck it on the plate in Carphone Warehouse!
  7. I did actually look to download this today and noticed that it was gone! Do you have it uploaded somewhere? If not, there is no need to upload it just for me, I will just get it when they are back up!
  8. Paul, I had an idea I thought I would run past you? Some apps (Sky Go) actively check for root access, so I was just wondering if there would be a way to run an App on your Nexus 4 / Nexus 7 / (insert unlocked bootloader device here), that would fully unroot your device (Root hiding apps like OTA Rootkeeper & SuperSU don't seem to work). And if so, would there we any way that some kind of exploit could be left when unrooting so the app could be run again and re-root your device? This would obviously be dependent on Sky ever updating Sky Go to work with anything other than 2 devices!? Would this ever be any kind of option? Stewart
  9. I use my tablet to play games, so the bigger the storage the better. On the 16Gb and tried to install A Bards Tale (3.5Gb for Tegra 3 version), the new NFS (rumoured to be 4Gb), then I would have used half my space already and thats only 2 games!! They are touted as "do everything" entertainment devices.....but Google need to realise that, although they are pushing their cloud storage, that substantial on device storage is a MUST. And I don't buy the "products get better over time" argument - are you saying that Google were not capable of putting 32Gb in this device 6 months ago, but now they are? I don't believe that for a second. When they released the Nexus 7, they should have said "There will be a 32Gb version coming soon" - job done!
  10. I feel a little bit cheated by Google........but its always the same with early adopters! I would have loved a 32Gb Model, because I am getting a bit low on storage when I have a few of the larger games running (A Bards Tale for example). 16Gb Max might be a bust for me when it comes to the Next Nexus (4) also!
  11. Netflix works great for me on both my Galaxy Nexus and my Nexus 7 devices. I use it coupled with the Unblock-us dns service and SetDNS app on my Android devices to access the US version of the service for a much better selection than the UK version. £6 per month for Netflix and £4 per month (dependent on exchange rate) for Unblock-us = Great Netflix selection. Never had any problems with the app running on my devices, sure the interface is a wee bit slow and clunky at times, but once the movie is running, and has been running for a few mins, the quality of the streams is great! Now, back to Breaking Bad! :-)
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