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  1. once, but it work for a few hours only
  2. I've already update the kernel several times
  3. I'm sure, but it still no change :huh:
  4. Hi everyone I have a "Unable to Start Wi-Fi" Error after updated from to Alpha r21. I had restore the backup ,flash the kernel, update a new radio, flash another roms but still can't fix the wi-fi funtion :huh: I also try to root the phone again the wi-fi funtion did work for a while but after I reboot the phone the "Unable to Start Wi-Fi" is back and never leave again any suggestion please :P
  5. no i wipe it before i flash it
  6. after upgrade to r21 the wifi became disable even I restore the backup and to r17 the wifi still not funtioning I need help please ;)
  7. I found that the HTC Messages stopped unexpectedly everytime... how can i fix this==
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