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  1. could be a security policy on the exchange server, no remote wipe, and non-enforceable lock on pre-froyo android.. At least that's how it is at my work.. waiting on the updates over the coming weeks so I can get my work email..
  2. titanium backup. Well worth purchasing as well, the guy deserves it and needs his poutine.
  3. SO out for my birthday dinner last night, my girlfriend being a few beers in, reaches across to grab the dessert menu, knocks my 2/3rds full beer RIGHT on top of my phone which is sitting face up... I grab the phone, turn it over, give it a shake, and a wipe, and then take the case off and take the phone apart.. I let it sit for about 30 mins, and then decided to take a closer look at it. The inside seemed dry, and it didn't look like any moisture under the screen. So I decided what the hell lets fire it up... And it's fine. Thank goodness. Great phone. Love it.. Miss a couple features from my BB Bold, like a keyboard, the voice dialling, speech recognition was fantastic, I also wish the Nexus had the sleep mode that the Bold has.. But, that beer dumped right on the screen survival is amazing. My Bold did survive a complete submersing in a toilet, well sort of survived. Anyway. :)
  4. I'd like to change the default dialer to dialer one, is there a way to make that the default when I press the phone button on the menu bar launcher thingy (was the proper term for that as well?)? Thanks.
  5. I'd say yes, and I don't think it would even be too difficult. It's access to the correct ROM, and a little bit of time for Paul. Not that I'm speaking from experience within the android scene (couple of weeks), I'm basing this on my understanding of linux (a lot years), and been hacking on devices (phones, xbox's, archos media players, etc) for a lot of years. I never have gotten to far into the scenes, just enough to know my way around to do what I want/need. Christ a lot of those projects would've gotten further faster if they had access that 'we' do to an android based phone.. Paul needs a bit of time and space and I'm very confident this will all be stable, fully functional, with probably more bells and whistles than the perfect working original... my 2 cents.
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