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  1. Really? Ir6 is still the latest one on prebakes? WTF.
  2. Paul, any chance of having the prebakes online today? The System update to 4.1.2 pop up is really annoying.. thanks
  3. nmesisca

    Developers: Add support for Samsung Multi Window to your apps

    @dimen/app_defaultsize_w and the others dont seem to be in the system variables.. I am getting a "No resource found.." error message. Do you have to have those defined somewhere in strings.xml or dimen.xml?
  4. Any news on new Prebakes? I can understand not including new features/mod in the prebakes, but at least updating them with fixes for the bugs already found in previous versions.. :unsure:
  5. they didnt work for me either but then I changed voice language in the settings. thing is though, after I close the app down and I reopen it again, it stops talking again until I change the voice language to something else. I also noticed the voice is still the same 'robotic' one not the smoother one that seems to be heard in the video and at the demo in google I/O ..
  6. I dont use Titanium Backup. And I flashed this rom after completely wiping system/data/caches AND doing a factory reset (coming from CM9). only thing I didnt do is removing the data and android folder from the sdcard.
  7. not really if I unfreeze them after flashing they at least start (with no content but they start). I am referring more to the Sound Search widget, which is not country aware at all, but is still frozen. Can you please explain how can I unfreeze it in the rom, before flashing? thanks N
  8. yeah thanks i know how to unfreeze them after flashing the rom.. I asked how to do it before flashing though..
  9. Can someone explain to me why apps such as Magazines Books Movies and the Sound Search widget have been frozen in this rom in the first place? I got the prebake, is there any way I can change their status in the rom before flashing?
  10. Can't believe he wouldnt even comment on this thread anymore. Sorry to say but I'm glad I never bought a subscription..
  11. Hi Paul, I'm not sure if this is the changelog... what is the difference from Ir11 beta2 and Ir12 prebakes?? Updated apps and wallpapers?
  12. just as a curiosity, Paul, what version of bootloader is that? thanks
  13. I noticed a bootloader is packaged but the script has its installation commented out.. everything else seems to be working fine, though my apps havent reinstalled automatically from the market, but that could be just me...
  14. It must not be my day really.. the mirror link in the first page just brings me to this same page..? Update: ok got it, thanks.
  15. Trackball alerts dont seem to work for me either with last night's Ir5.. Any suggestion as to why ? thanks, N

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