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  1. I have a fully functional SU6 with a smashed screen if any Dev's are interested..
  2. Thanks all, have just ordered another on during the £99 sale..
  3. That's not going to work.. Looks like the Glass, LCD and Digitizer are bonded together in a single unit. Will have to buy a new phone, so the question is another SU6 or something else? The OnePlus Two is very tempting if I can get an invite.
  4. Had a quick look on aliexpress, but couldn't see anything. Wonder if the ZTE Blade 6 Plus digitizer would fit/work?
  5. Absolutely gutted, dropped my phone at the weekend and have smashed the screen, thankfully it's still working and the screen is readable.. I know the answer is probably, sell it for parts on fleabay and buy a new one, but does anyone know where I could get a replacement digitizer?
  6. The Times is normally my newspaper of choice so this is really really tempting. If only it was the 3G version of the Nexus 7
  7. bbevan

    ZTE V970 Review

    Really tempted by this, it sounds like a lot of bang for the buck. Has anyone else ordered, to say I'd be nervous ordering from Aliexpress is an huge understatement.
  8. You missed them adding the Touchpad to the GED list. I'll keep dreaming or buy a Nexus 7 for xmas ;)
  9. Thanks That's the difference between a Blade and top spec phone like a Nexus, people do want to have movies, music and games, some of which are almost 2GB each.
  10. Dual SIM is the holy grail for those with company phones who don't want to carry two phones. Also if you live in a week signal area you can switch between networks easily.
  11. Thanks for the ROM great work really liking it, but twice now its rebooted on me mid call. Any ideas?
  12. Just tried your new rom with the CyanogenMod 6 MDPI gapps, Couldn't see the Market or a File Explorer so gave up a nandroid back to my old ROM. Is it something I did?
  13. Whats battery life like on the LCD compared to OLED, much difference?
  14. Yep same here, though now I've got used to it I quite like the Espresso Vanilla Framework.
  15. Just moved from FLB1.7 as I needed to re-flash and thought I'd give J-Mod a go, really pleased couple of FC with Handcent, but other than that it works great. Also had the problem with text in Espresso framework, followed the instructions in the ultimate user guide, but it didn't seem to change anything, so went with the Espresso vanilla instead :P
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