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  1. checkyoulater

    pocketMVP is skipping...help

    well the problem is simple enough, i prefer listening and ripping tracks using ogg vorbis, for some reason they tend to sound better than mp3's at lower bit rates....maybe that's all mental....but never the less only pocketMVP reads ogg vorbis, and i've been happy and content with it so far...until..... :shock: recently my pocketMVP has gone totally south :oops: :cry: , i mean i can't play anything anymore, not a single track without reaching a point that it skips every half-second.... :x :cry: and the worse part the only way to get it running again is a soft reset, then of course it'll play half a song before acting up again :oops: :roll: i guess i'll have to stick to mp3's on wmp, at least i can listen to entire songs..... :oops:
  2. checkyoulater

    Dragon Bane 2 for the Smartphone

    well, i ain't spending for that...way too much for a game like this....but for the free trial...cool...then again i've got the same problem as above....i just can't seem to figure out how to cast a spell in /or out of combat.... any help would greatly be appreciated...
  3. checkyoulater

    porn breakout

    what happened.....it's been a day or so?....just kidding hope you get it up soon, it looks...um...sounds interesting
  4. checkyoulater

    Ayala Land Properties For Sale

    AYALA GREENFIELD ESTATES Php 8,500-10,500 /sqm AYALA WESTGROVE HEIGHTS Php 8,500-9,800 /sqm ONE ROXAS TRIANGLE Php 24M and above (condo units)(at least 286sqm) ONE LEGAZPI PARK Php 3.5M and above (studio) (condo units) MONTGOMERY PLACE Php 6M (smallest unit) and above ( townhouse subdivision) FERNDALE HOMES Php 2.4M (lot only) / Php 6M (house & lot) AYALA HILLSIDE ESTATES Php 18,500-20,000 *All the prices listed above are current **For more information please post back, and leave your e-mail address or your contact number :lol: ***Prices are just an average figure & may change due to promos &/or price increases Thank you for your time.... :wink: Some of the new projects include a new residential condo in Ayala Center (one of the country's premiere Commercial district); lots in Alabang; and Lots (Commercial & Residential) in Paseo de Magallanes :wink: :shock: or you contact me at [email protected]
  5. checkyoulater

    Ayala Land Properties For Sale

    i'm off to work now, i'll compose a comprehensive post before noon (Phil time).
  6. checkyoulater

    Ayala Land Properties For Sale

    it really isn't, i asked Paul if i could post this here, with the idea of donating a fourth of my commissions to this site/ or modaco..his preference.... i was looking for an off topic chat forum under pinoy, but there wasn't any.... i hope i haven't offended anyone, i asked permission to post only this once anyway...i hope you don't mind ....well you could see it this way, if & when (hopefully) i get to sell, then i will be helping the site by donating? :roll: please don't get mad... :oops:
  7. checkyoulater

    how to send emails

    everything should be working....hmmm...how about you re-configuring your email account again on the phone, make sure you're using both pop and smtp servers of hotpop. don't make a mistake.... server type POP3 incoming mail server pop.hotpop.com outgoing mail server smtp.hotpop.com network The Internet :wink: :wink: good luck :lol: :!:
  8. checkyoulater

    Ayala Land Properties For Sale

    Before i go on rambling...i got permission from Paul[MVP] to post this...thanks for your time and patience...and i do truly hope you find time to read thru this..... Hey there, i work for Ayala Land Sales, Inc. a 100% owned subsidiary of Ayala Land, Inc. The BIGGEST and MOST successful real estate company in the Philippines. :D :lol: :mrgreen: My projects include high-rise condos as well which means foreigners are allowed to own/purchase a percentage of the building......:lol: WARM GREETINGS! :wink: Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) continues to deliver what they promise to their most valued clientele and privileged few. Step right in and enjoy the endless possibilities of projects with up-scale character that you and your family, and even your families next generation will truly enjoy. Ayala Hillside Estates Located in Old Balara, Quezon City, this exciting new development is envisioned as a golf course community where the residential lots are integrated with the golf course, creating a unique low- density residential setting with golf views and high value, fairway frontage lots. The end result is a 45- hectare, in-city, golf course community of handsome greens and attractive water features. One Legazpi Park 8) Towering 45 storeys, One Legazpi Park will soon embark as a proud sentinel of the Makati City skyline. It will truly satisfy your chosen high-life and lifestyle as your home will just be a block away from the Entertainment and Shopping Mecca of Makati City. Choices of units range from a Studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom, and the Penthouse. *Model units available for viewing, by appointment. Montgomery Place An exclusive well planned community of townhouses designed with the concept of South American genteel. Along E. Rodriguez in Quezon City, the subdivision allows utmost convenience and security to its residents, and is very much accessible to schools, hospitals, entertainment districts and business centers. Ferndale Homes Mediterranean inspired houses grouped in clusters to foster a sense of community of high-end single-detached house and lot packages. Feel the Southern Californian life, inspired and fused with a Mediterranean theme! Strategically located in Quezon City. Now offering residential lots. Ayala Westgrove Heights :D An upscale village, comparable to Ayala Alabang Village. The site is blessed with beautiful rolling terrain and thousands of mango trees. Enjoy the delectable touch of nature and one of a kind amenities. Residential lots now available in its newly opened Phases 3, 4, and 5 with nice view of Laguna de Bay and Mt. Makiling Ayala Greenfield Estates A community set above the rest at 340 meters above sea level. Feast your eyes on the grandiose scenery of Mt. Makiling, Tagaytay mountains or Laguna de Bay. Cool wind and water. Yin and Yang... It all comes naturally in this distinctively unique residential enclave. All lots come with a proprietary share of our exclusive, 18 hole, Championship golf course and leisure club. One Roxas Triangle :mrgreen: Location and luxury – a powerful blend deserving of praise. This residential condominium reserved only for the “crème de la crème” is exclusive and low density with its amenities at par with the best in the world. Choose your vista: Laguna de Bay, Bel Air, Manila Bay or Forbes. This prestigious address truly sums up your well-distinguished taste. Clearly, Ayala Land’s commitment to enrich land and enhance life – by building and nurturing communities that thrive through time – truly makes it the best choice. For assistance and more information, feel free to contact these numbers: (02)759-4711 to 14 (Mondays to Fridays), or my Mobile # +639209051015 (Anytime). Thank you, I look forward to discussing these investment possibilities and options with you. I would greatly appreciate the help, plus i can promise to donate a fourth of my commission for every sale that i get from this site, for the sites funds.....Trust me on this, I promise. By the way, we're having new projects launched in the coming months, which i feel would be best for investors, especially because the initial price offerings to the public would be the lowest of the projects. I cannot, however disclose any of these details in black & white due to legal issues (on pre-selling) i can however brief you on these coming projects by phone if you're interested in them
  9. checkyoulater

    t9 is empty again?!?!?!

    :lol: i hope that this is a new topic...hope it's not kind of redundant...i couldn't find anything in this forum.... is it just my phone, but everytime that i have to power on/off evrything that was previously saved in the T9 dictionary is erased? i mean, it's so much of a drag to input new words for the dictionary to recognize but after all that hard work, one reset, and poof?!!?!?! am i the only one with this problem? :?: :?: :?: :oops: :cry:
  10. checkyoulater

    Playable Gameboy games

    i have a gameboy...well used to have one i gave it as a gift to my cousin....as well as a whole shitload of rpg titles....how do i extract the rom's from those games? actually i'd just love to try them out on the smartphone, namely, the pokemon collections, i spent a lot and i was wondeering if extracting their roms' is possible????
  11. checkyoulater

    how to send emails

    i wrote this down on my previous post...on SMTP topic...but since i don't know how to link..... after setting your phone to the settings of hotpop, don't forget to check the box in the sending option (the one that says sending requires authentication, or something like that....hope that helps you....hotpop works just dandy..... by the way...is there any option on the phone to automatically check for emails every few minutes or so???
  12. checkyoulater


    hotpop works...but if i remember right when i was configuring stuff.....you need to have the "server requires authentication" checked...that should do the trick....good luck...post your results...hope it's positive.... :) :( :D that's under options-->sending good luck....(again)
  13. um.....forget the last post...i figured it out....i had to change the registrty settigs for that daemon (<--am i spelling this right?) thing as well...not just the directory of the screensaver....now the entire thing's running from my storage card?!....Ah...the simple joys of being an idiot?!!!! thanks anyways to those who might have replied
  14. a quick question...frrom an idiot like me....(i just can't seem to get the damn thing to work...) do i need the pocket candy program to be stored on the phone? cause i stored both the screensaver and the pocketcandy program in my storage card & changed the registry settings like what was posted above, but i can't seem to get it to work...help
  15. checkyoulater

    [Edit]My NEW Matrix Trailer Final, NEW T3 X2 Animatrix!

    oh....anyways...how about sending me the file directly? you can send it to any 2 of my e-mails below... [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] im hope that's not too much to ask... if you're too busy though....it's ok, i can wait til you get it uploaded on the net :) :( :D

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