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  1. new google wallet today on market.. Supports any cc.. anxiously awaiting new patched version.. thanks
  2. for those of you that got this to work .. what carrier and phone.. i tried on AT&T i747 (gs iii) and even after running the command still hangs at activating account.. thanks
  3. same problem here at&t sgs 3 .. stuck on activating account. also tried editing the build.prop and changing the two references to GT-I9300 still stuck (suck) on activation
  4. warning do not use this on ke1 or ke2 firmeware will put phone in bootloop. unless paul updates the version.
  5. it is some bug in the device i havent tried it yet in newest e1 firmware but in older firmwares pptp vpns are not working over at&t here from same location that my sgs i works fine. same issue hung up..
  6. i'm running 2.2.1 jpy now on my galaxy s and qudrant score is bassicaly the same as the nexus 1 with 2.2 about 1275 average.. this is with no lag fix applied.
  7. i cannot get the domain name to resolve.. anyone else having problems.. can someone post the current ip for me thanks
  8. jm7 sesbde14:sesbde14:none anyon e know how to check which f/w is currently installed? anyone tried jm7 update
  9. lgkahn

    JM6 leaked

    how can you say the radio is more stable.. did you even bother to check the radio is THE EXACT same version that was in jm5.. people check what you are saying and making up arbitrary subjective crap b4 posting and misleading people.
  10. get a faster card it should finish in a minute or two if not you have a pretty slow card.
  11. try screen off. i use i t it works great.
  12. apparently the gps does not download the future satellite data as someone summized.. the i8910 had an app that would download the data for the next week.. on top of that the gps driver is too stupid to figure out that you moved locations and give up on getting a hot fix.. I just flew from philly to nh and tried with the unit outside for over an hour and it could not get a fix.. I went into the gps menu and changed the startup mode from hot to cold and it had a fix within seconds.. i have tested leaving it on cold startup and it still gets a fix within seconds.. until they fix the driver so that it after a minute or so without getting a fix switches from hot to cold mode i recommend you change this setting. the othersetting someone recommended skyhook was no good for me . when i tried it driving around philly it would pick up wifi and jump off the road i was on.
  13. Same problem in web browser... goto eBay and try resizing even more annoying!!!
  14. no problems like that here running jg 1 for days .. on for over 3 days.. no issues.. only time i say the freeze like that was when i use setcpu and tried to set cpu mode to on-demand instead of conservative.. you havent dont that have you?
  15. ]my gps works very well and i get lock inside the house.. comporable to my i8910.. not all cell phones get gps lock inside. my nokias dont very often.
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