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  1. Does any one know how to remove the GPU mod fix applied through the tool. I have the Mod applied and want to remove it now but no idea how?? Edit : I have tried to replace it the libLGESv2 file with the one from Paul's system dump, but the phone gets stuck in a boot loop. just removing the modded libGLes V2 also send the phone in a boot loop?
  2. mr.a

    Bad GPS on ICS

    I actually treid using Fasterfix app (it does the same thing which you have mentioned) but it does not improve anything. Does anyone know how to get back to Orange ICS or even Orang GB rom. The orange rom in the all-in-one tool post fails to flash every time???
  3. Hi, I bought an Orang San Francisco recently. It was loaded with Gingerbread. Today I updated it to the Orange ICS through the OTA feature of the phone. I then installed XOLO ICS on top of this using the all-in-one tool. The rom is great and I have it rooted and everything However the GPS is really bad. The GPS test app can "view" many satellites, sometimes more than 10 at once but it cannot lock onto any satellites. It sometimes managed to get around 4 or 5 satellites in use but still no GPS lock is achieved. I have also tried to test GPS in google maps app, but it too cannot lock onto a position. Have I made a mistake in installing ICS or is there some other problem? PS screenshot shows the scenario.
  4. JDMikey, Please read my PM. it is important
  5. I turned the clock on in CyanogenMod settings inside the settings.apk and then I rebooted. The clock issue was solved. I have now gone back to android 2.1 but I will reflash this new update (on top of Feb T-mobile UK updata.app) again to see if WiFi is working now..
  6. this rom has issues with Wifi. it is always stuck at "obtaining IP address"...
  7. mp4 playback does not work. please fix this Apart from this, it is a beautiful rom!
  8. The download seems to have exceeded its capacity. Could someone who downloaded this upload it to another filehosting site? I have managed to download it ans I have uploaded it to mediafire if anyone wants to download it. http://www.mediafire.com/?3oxwu43ah3lec35 - Pulse Eclair 2.1 stable.zip
  9. The installed applications stay intact because the file "userdata.hwcfg" is not present in the dload folder. in all the other updates from huawei, this file was present and made sure that the data partition was formatted during the upgrade and therefore deleting all your apps.
  10. yes check my post http://android.modaco.com/content/t-mobile...0-0-5-download/
  11. Today, CWM recovery was released for the Huawei Ascend. I thought that it might have been possible to directly flash this on the Pulse as well. This did not work at all. I modified the recovery image for the Ascend to include the kernel from CWM recovery for the Pulse.( It still contains the ramdisk of the Ascend) I flashed this modified image and it all seems to be working. ( However) I had an issue with trying to get the sd-ext to mount. (this issue was sometimes present in CWM for me as well. the same might be true for this recovery. NOTE: This recovery will not install zips that make use of the old update-sript, you will need zips with the new updater-script (coupled with update-binary) in order to install them recovery_3.0.0.5_pulse.img Just download the image and then flash it through fastboot: fastboot flash recovery recovery_3.0.0.5_pulse.img I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO YOUR PHONE. it worked for me. so.
  12. im not a coder but i may have found something related to app2bin it can be found here: http://hg.sourceforge.jp/view/reseapj/Main...ca5b70393ea6212
  13. Please upload this executable file. I am sure that other developers are interested in this and might be able to help you out as well.
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