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  1. In that case Apple need to do something about the price $599 with a 2year contract ? Doesn't sound like a consumer phone to me.....
  2. I wait with interest to see if this device actually comes to a network near 'you' anytime soon.. With the famed unreliabilty of the iPod and Apples views on co-branding (do they don't they?) I can't see any Operators jumping up and down with glee. The mobile market is very different to the MAC/PC/mp3 player, routes to market are different customer support is different. Should be an interesting few months.
  3. Personally I was at Orange for 9 years and decided to leave shortly after Richard Brennan announced that he was going. Take a quick look at the Francetelecom network before it became known as Orange, Itineris was hardly the most innovative network in the world and was loosing money faster than it seemed to make it. All of the senior management at Itineris are now installed at Orange, hardly a recipe for success.... Also you might be interested to know that all of the original Orange SPV team, Andrew Thomas, Phil Blair, Peter Ford etc have left Orange in the past year to pursue new careers. I can rememeber working for Hans and Richard and it was certainly a whole lot more fun. :)
  4. Whilst working in the Orange UK devices team I was asked to do some work on a brand new PCMCIA datacard developed in the UK. This was a prototype unit and one of only two in the UK. After a few days testing the unit went missing from my desk.... The Orange security team (I think you've met them Paul on more than one occasion) promised to track the unit down for me. A few days later the unit was brought back to my desk. Apparently the culprit was caught when he called tech support 'casue he couldn't get it to work in his laptop. :)
  5. I believe this was due to an issue with O2's PAYG Billing engine.. From the txt it looks as if they've fixed it.
  6. Does the new operator name get used when your roaming ?
  7. The dots are called the 'Blind Registration keys' for people that are either blind or have restricted vision and nothing to do with dialling emergency numbers.
  8. I'm just looking forward to seeing what 'spin' msmobiles will put on this story. :)
  9. I wonder if this has anything to do with Mr Juha Christensen recently joining Macromedia... :)
  10. for all you Nokia and SE users. Bluestumbler
  11. No, this an update for HTC based Smartphones e.g. SPV, SPVe100
  12. It is my understanding that the system clock is also used to generate the frequencies for the GSM part of the handset.. Change the external clock and it'll no longer transmit 900/1800Mhz. Even if this isn't the case ( a different clock is used to derive the GSM clock) changing the clock on the baseband layer will have a major impact on the RF.
  13. its a lot smaller than 99 dead easy to see all the stands. Posted from my SmartPhone!
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