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  1. i posted the apps ago was a registered version. i posted it for 6 hours and then remove
  2. it has been posted already but you are a bit late.. why havent viewed some post? http://www.modaco.com/index.php?s=&sho...t&p=1344263
  3. in either of it core or touch player but i prefer touch player from samsung just update samsung player when the video is loaded to your microSD
  4. file removed: Actualy the cab i put is a registered version i just say it as trial, it was a registered version :angry: anyone request will be repost...
  5. http://www.freewarefiles.com/XMedia-Recode...gram_47942.html here is the main page: http://www.xmedia-recode.de/
  6. Dask have you mange to function the button keys? because i just manage to expand the function of buttonkeys: W/L 1. Single Click - TouchPlayer 2. Double Click - S3Clock 3. Triple Click - CleanRAM 4. Long Press (TBA doesnt work to me) Menu Button 1. Single Click - TaskManager 2. Double Click - Resco Explorer 3. Triple Click - Memory RAM Info 4. Long Press - Cm Wifi Wiz file removed: Actualy the cab i put is a registered version i just say it as trial, it was a registered version :angry: anyone request will be repost... a: click file to add button b: when the add key appears press a button you like to assign like W/L, hardware keyboard can also be use as shortcut c: assign a key press what you want e.g. single,double,triple long press
  7. well on my b7610 i upgraded it and its all good csc remain
  8. thx Daskalos for the Sense Megalite ROM, i have all full functional apps and a very smooth Sense with also a full funtional bottons from W/L,Lock,Menu,MenuHold,End,Call are all fully functional...
  9. if you want to install cab files with no hastle in b7610 pointing and installing just use this on pc connected to your device with sync. CABviaActiveSync_1.5_Setup.exe How to use: 1. just install to your pc 2. connect your device with sync center active 3. right click on a cab at pc and press cabviactivesync. the cab file will automaticaly install on your device with prompt
  10. wow thanks for adding datacontrol :D but before reflashing this, im going to do something to messup my device expirement everything ;) also can a youtube load about 30 minutes? coz i think im gonna capture the video for flashing until running!! :angry:
  11. i dont use arkswitch i just remove it on startup it still loads to ram additionally, i just use the default wintaskmanager and put it on click menu botton you can anyway switch on it just double top an apps thats running on task
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