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  1. hello all, today i sold my O2 and got myself gt-i9003 ;) so I would like to thank all that been kind to newbie like me in winmo environment :P thanked to all the chef that been cooking for our beloved O2, and to the dev of android porting to O2, and i really hope u guys will get a working/stable android for o2, thank you all :D
  2. :rolleyes:)--> QUOTE(lol = <_< @ May 21 2011, 16:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>SETUP: ritchietos's Froyo Bundle (Windows Bundle) Windows Mobile: 6.5.0 Official PH ROM Apps Installed: Minimal No SOD for A week and 2 days (9 day straight :D ) They say that the ROM version has no impact on the installation of android, but for me it made a very BIG difference. After flashing from cooked ROM to official ROM, chances of SOD was minimal but it was still there. Second thing I did was install CPU MASTER from the Android market set the scaling to performance, place the minimum MHZ clock to 266 tick apply on boot then BAM! No more SOD :( i'll give this a try.... :P
  3. rapid, i'm using sense 29020, i tried to change button assignment for both button 2 but after restart/reset both will be set to menu...pls help, thx :mellow:
  4. i believe u, overheat is not good in electronic :mellow:
  5. hey thx fren, will try this up8... :mellow: edit: it seems that my sdcard it mounted at /sdcard but before is /mnt/sdcard
  6. when using 3g/wifi any device will drain batt juice...imho :)
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