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  1. So am i correct in saying the UGKK7 radio is for North America? I usually don't switch radio's unless I have a problem, but maybe I will try it. I have also found better battery life with stock kernel rather then mcr kernel for some reason, havent tried the oc/uv yet, no reason to really. As usual everything else is awesome, thanks paul!
  2. Anyone try to use a font changer or anything anything to change font to Ubuntu font? Roboto is cool and all, but I feel like the Ubuntu font rules all others :) I am asking because I have not tried to change it on ICS. Paul, maybe you can add in an option in the kitchen to use Ubuntu font?
  3. For real, this is badass. I wanna get one early :( I'm in the USA and I'm debating importing one from UK or Europe somewhere because I doubt the GSM version will be out here anytime soon
  4. No problem :) Thanks for the g2x work. I would give you some feedback about how it works but I gotta go get an sd card today. I came from a nexus s so i didn't need one for a while but the g2x cwm only backs up to external sd card right now. I will report back later hopefully
  5. Are we supposed to just flash this via cwm? Thanks
  6. I hope the roms are interchangeable, it would be nice :) my g2x will be here in a few days
  7. Hrm when I try to download from my phone the file size is like 650kb. Am I doing something wrong because I know that's not right on my end. Edit: maybe that is what people are flashing?
  8. anyone try any of the new HAVS kernel's with this rom in effort to improve battery life? Does it work?
  9. I still feel like even though this is the first WIP, it is still more stable then all of the other sense rom's out there for nexus one. So each update in my opinion is like 5 updates from other people, because it has the most success.
  10. I have never heard people whine so much in my life, you cry more then my dog. If you want updates faster, then learn to dev and do it yourself, or go use someone else's rom's. No need to take up space on a forum to complain, it doesn't do any good.
  11. nobody has figured out a way to use trackball alert? Or has it been said and i missed it?
  12. Anyone figure out a way to get trackball alert working on this rom?
  13. Do those have any effect on battery life? I do not use FM Radio so that doesn't matter to me, im just trying to use whatever has the best battery life. EDIT: I have actually realized that the one thing that drains the battery like no other, is using the phone(as in talking to someone on the phone). It drains battery percentage like crazy! Any way to help that?
  14. What are his X kernel's for? I haven't been able to find what the diff between those and the regular AVS kernel's are...
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