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  1. Hi scorpio44, You didn't do anything wrong it seems that all the Roms updated are corrupted in some way.I had the problem too.
  2. Hi exPerience, Could you please elaborate more as to what version rom you are running?
  3. Thanks lanzcez! Your da man for posting this up on Modaco. Currently downloading will post feedback on Rom. We have such awesome people on this community. keep the good work up and i will be sure to help out when i can, now that my weeding is over :)
  4. RE - 07/25/2010Windows Mobile 6.5 build 21911 RC4 Fantastic job on the above ROM Shadow Angel!You are a asset to this community, keep the good work up mate. I have been following all your ROM updates :) I had a few problems with the 21911 RC4, but was able to fix a few. The battery icon did not change from full - This was resolved by installing Dark ninjas desire Taskbar. Just a question, this latest rom seems to drain my battery very very quickly, anyone else experiencing the same issue? Any way to fix it? I didn't seem to suffer from this with your previous je2 je3 rc3 rom >.< Thanks!
  5. Hi Pashak! I have a copy of a "UNBRANDED" GT-I8000_I8000DTIK2_I8000XSAIK2_I8000XXIK3_I8000XSAIK2_XX_XSA rom. I just have to figure out where to host it. This was downlaoded in the Glory days when Quattro Formaggi's downlaoder worked >.< I also have my stock Optus rom that i got from Quatrro;s downlaoder.
  6. HI chensilim! Can you please tell us what operating system you are running Octans on? Also the "Start downloading button" wont become available until you have detected the phone. I usually load the NBo or MSt and CSC if needed then press detect and then i plug in my phone (Phone must be off!) There are lot of problems with the drivers if you are using x64 operating systems >.< I never managed to get it to work on x64 Vista or win 7. No problems at all with x 86 ( x32) operating systems ;)
  7. Lancez, With this 2016 ROM you can definitely listen to music while the screen is off, with and with out headphones.
  8. CroationOmnia, What 6.5.x ROM did you flash? Cheers mate.
  9. Hi People! I have been a fan of nOObody and Rapid sense and TF3D Roms for a while now, but i keep on having to change back to Original Samsung Roms due to the fact that the internet is very slow and most annoyingly i cannot view videos on youtube. I am using my original CSC that allows me to use the sim card to configure my Internet ,mms, sms and 3G settings.I also have configured Opera to use plugins and tried different seeings. Restore connection settings has also been selected. Anyone have experienced these issues? Your help would be highly appreciated as i LOVE these roms!! Thanks in advance :)
  10. Hanjin, As promised please find attached my original OPTUS CSC --> CSC_I8000OPSIK2.zip EDITED URL Fixed.
  11. quote name='Hanjin' date='May 27 2010, 18:17' post='1289732'] Does anyone have a Optus CSC file they can upload, I've tried the Samsung firmware downloader to no avail keeps on throwing up the "Your Download Limit Cannot Be Determined, Try Again Later" error. Haven't even downloaded anything yet through the downloader and have tried waiting a few days on and off and still get the error. I've also disabled all firewalls.
  12. wello2009, I had the same problem with JD3, what i did to rectify this hanging ( Freezing) at the language installation screen was tick erase CSC in OCTANS 2.14 and Re flash CSC (i used JD3) That work great for me :P Good Luck
  13. HydroBoy, Thanks for your reply! I i thought it would of been that file, I will give it a go tomorrow. I cant turn my phone on till tomorrow, i just installed the "InvisibleShield" Thanks again!
  14. Rapid, I commend you on your fantastic ROM (JD4).Keep the good work up mate! Just a question regarding CSC,i didn't flash with any CSC just left the one i was previously using I8000XSAIK2. Everything works like a charm! Do i need to use the JD4 (JD7) CSC? Will i get any benefit seeming that i have no problems? Thanks & Looking forward to your next ROM :P
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