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  1. no.. end call button doesn't work which is why i had to take out the battery T_T felt like crying, cos i think it's like damaging my phone. anyhow, do u know what's wrong with it?
  2. may i ask why when i was texting/smsing (not email) to some new number, like creating a new message history, sometimes after i sent the message, sending it would be successful but my screen would hang there, the ez input keyboard wont disappear! till i need to pull out my battery because it just doesn't respond. :(
  3. master OCK, what's the area code for Kuala Lumpur? btw, i can't seem to find all the programs to add in the shortcut, weird, any pointers?
  4. does anyone have the problem of the text messages double sending to the recipient? my phone has this problem and i'm not sure whether it's the rom problem or what. i flashed another rom and it seems like the problem still persist.
  5. seriously? nobody knows of any alternatives? i used all the keyboards but i don't know whether my fingers are too huge or what i just keep typing the wrong key with those normal keyboard. if anyone knows of any alternatives of swype keyboard app please tell me. :huh:
  6. hey people.. does anyone know of any other apps which has the same function as swype or slideIT? i liked that kinda keyboard i think it's easier to use than ones that require tapping, my slideIT demo version expired already! >_< btw, what's the difference between build 23563 and 23557? using 23557 now, don't know whether wanna flash to a newer version or not. btw, we are suppose to hard reset before or after we flash?? thanks..
  7. does that mean u can assign the end key to trigger s2u2? the last time i used it, pressed the end key, double lock occurred, your smartlock + s2u2 uhm... bout the text message ringtone, i can only be able use customized ringtone which u provided, can i use my own mp3 file?
  8. just wondering if anyone can tell me what's the difference of all the roms? oh yea, btw, now i know how to set music as call ringtone already, but how can i set ringtone for my text messages?
  9. uhh... chef ock, seems i can't download from mediafire for noq, tried for a few times until now. can u provide another download from another site?
  10. hi chef ock, yep, me again. may i know how can i assign my s2u2 to my end key button? in other way, maybe disabling the smart lock to make the s2u2 work as default lock maybe? please rescue this noobie here. lol
  11. hey chef ock, thanks for the last reply. may i ask, do u know why i can access wifi from almost anywhere, starbucks, my college wifi, but i can't seem to connect to the wifi at my place. btw, how does the calibrate screen setting in the favourite hackings work? there's 2 in it, which 1 to choose and what's the difference?
  12. hey chef ock, it's me again. may i know why my phone always freezes when i try to send photo thru mms. just freeze there never open. how to solve this?
  13. thanks for replying to my last post, found the solutions d. but i noticed something else, is there anyway i can set my music files from storage to become ringtones? or there's only custom ringtones?
  14. hi... thanks rom chef for such an amazing rom. forgive me as i'm new to this, why when i'm in video recording mode the phone doesn't seem to be recording? i really liked the original samsung phonepad when i was using winmo 6.1, why i can't seem to find it anywhere? btw, do u think u can get the optical mouse to work cos i really enjoyed using it.
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