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  1. Can anyone tell me, how to do it ? I tried the tips in the old thread, but it didn't work in winmo 6.1, maybe there is an updated guide ? Thanks
  2. Is there one for I617 ? Thanks
  3. Paleskin

    [ask] how to make i617 lock on 3g mode ?

    The 8 digits only give 3 options 1. Auto mode 2. Gsm mode 3. Wcdma mode There isn't any option to lock to 3g mode
  4. As topic, so it will force to use just 3g network instead of gsm, thanks
  5. Paleskin

    SamSung i617 (BlackJack II) WM 6.1 cooked Rom.

    What are the differences between these 2 ?
  6. Paleskin

    i617/i616 WM 6.5 ROM Discovered!

    Any news on the clock's fix ?
  7. Recently I upgraded from 6.1 to 6.5, the merge mode from 1-3 give the same result, everytime I tried to open settings,the msg "settings could not be opened" pop out, so I tried to restore the backup manually, I noticed, every time I check 1 of the options in "system setting" section, whichever it may be, the restored result, always have problem in opening settings option, if I didn't check any of the options in "system setting" section, the restored resull always opened successfully The problem is, all of my applications' registrations info is in "system setting" section, and I'm too lazy to input all of the registration info one by one, if I were to uncheck all the option in "system setting" section during restore process Is there any solution for this ? Thanks
  8. I always used bluetooth connection to sync my samsung sgh i617 with my dual boot os desktop, the sync always work flawlessy, with active sync in xp and also with windows mobile device center in 7, recently a problem rise up outta nowhere, I suddenly lost the capability to synch via bluetooth connection in active sync and also windows mobile device center I tried uninstall and reinstall active sync, bluetooth driver, windows mobile device center, etc, all to no avail, I can't synch anymore via bluetooth connection Can someone help me ? Thanks
  9. Paleskin

    [solved] Is there a way to do it ?

    Mmmmm, only several applications works in the pass through internet connection, others fails to detect the connections, also every reboot reset the internet connection to the gprs mode, are there any way to solve this ? Thanks
  10. Paleskin

    [solved] Is there a way to do it ?

    Thanks a lot, it works now, turns out that I just need to change the apn setting to "work"
  11. Guys, after comparing many im applications, I found out that ebuddy java client is the most comfortable one, since it has a large set of yahoo native emos in 1 page, the problem is when I ran this java client, I can't run another java client, is there a way to enable java multitasking ? in my se w380, I can choose to minimize the client, considering the os capabilities of BJII is far from the one in SE W380, there must be a way to achieve it Thanks
  12. My PC has an unlimited internet connection, and also a bluetooth, can I connect my BJII to my PC and use it's internet connection ? so I can have an unlimited internet connection in my BJII Thanks
  13. I configured my gmail accounts to work in the builtin outlook email client in i617, and there's one weird problem occured, the sent messages are stored in inbox, how do I correct this ? Thanks

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