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  1. Dear Mifran, Thank you! I've been googling around and noticed that I should install Android SDK in order to perform those actions. Thank you and I've got it done! B.Regards Darms
  2. Dear All, Good day to you all. There is something that has been bothering me since I've upgraded to 2.1 ROM (Root) and I've noticed that there are unwanted apps around which includes like HiDialer, Map (Bruts), etc. I was wondering how am I suppose to uninstall it manually since there are no way for me to remove it via Settings-->Application Manager --> <Select the applications> [as the mentioned application has the only option is to "clear cache"] As mentioned, I have the rooted version of the ROM. And I have terminal installed as well, I would appreciate if anyone here can provide me the correct terminal command to remove the apps permanently. Thank you and looking forward for all your reply soon! B.Regards Darms
  3. Dear Paul / All, As for this release, I was curious if there is chinese(simplified) character supported (included pinyin, etc?) As an Asian myself, I'd love MoDaco's software. And also, does it include with Wi-Fi Tethering in this version as I've noticed that previous MCR3.2 has that option checked. If it's possible, would appreciate if you can upload some screen pictures? Yet, does it work in Malaysia? Thanks for your information. B.Regards Darms
  4. Dear Liorwei, Thank you for your reply, but according to your experience and as the phone information I've listed. For your advise, is my Hero rooted? Thank you and looking forward for your reply soon. B.Regards Darms
  5. Dear All, It's still the best as MoDaco forum has to offer. I've been with Stock ROM (1.5) for sometimes now and I'm totally fed up with HTC support and keep waiting for HTC Official 2.1 Rom to be release. And now, Google has just released 2.2 Froyo and after reading through a lot of forum, I guess 2.1 will be the last upgrade available for HTC Hero users. So this is why I've decided to root my Hero and go to custom ROM as it still has hopes for Hero to get 2.2 in the future. But before i do this, I'll need certain guidance from all the experts here. 1. Before I root my phone, I hope I can do a full backup of my software (not necessarily my contacts and sms), but all the software apps I've installed? Would appreciate if any experts here can list of method of even URL for my reference to backup my phone before proceed the "big projects". 2. After backup, I guess I'll need to root the phone. (My phone information will be listed below just for the confirmation of my firmware version). Would appreciate if any experts can show me the step by step guide on how to root my phone. URL reference is appreciated too. 3. I believe MoDaco 3.2 is available (but does it support chinese character?), I'll go for 3.2 in the mean time before 4.0 release. I may not have any problem with MoDaco 3.2 installation but for just-in-case, I'd hope experts like you all can help me out too. Hero Information: Model Number: HTC Hero Firmware Version: 1.5 Baseband version: Kernel Version: 2.6.27-8dd6deee [email protected] Build Number: 2.73.751.4 CL#61205 release-keys Software Version: 1.0.0.A6288 Thank you in advance for all the experts here! Thank you very very much!
  6. Carl, Thank you so much. I was thinking that way too, handset serial is not suitably matched for the RUU that I've downloaded. Because i did a couple research on the error message that I had, most of them stated that it's RUU is not suitable with handset serial. As for my radio, I downloaded at the link below. Easy, I just place the downloaded files on the root of my SD and rename it to update.zip. While pressing home + power button and do the usual flash sequence. -------->if i'm able to do this, is it considered rooted phone http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-hero...t-for-gsm-hero/ Thank you!
  7. Dr Dre, First of all, I would like to thank you for your patient in this matter. I've got your point already! Thank you very very much, I really appreciate the help that you've provided. darms
  8. Dear Dr.Dre & Hally83, Yes, because I just updated my phone through the link as you provided (http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-hero-hero-modaco-com/291942/22-jan-stock-roms-radios-in-update-zip-format-for-gsm-hero/). And after doing that, I went to (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=559622) and try to install RUU_Hero_HTC_Asia_SEA_WWE_2.73.728.5_release_signe d_NoDriver.exe (thru HTC Sync & double click on the exe) but i still got the same problem which I've posted on my first entry. If let's say HTC official ROM has release (Android 2.1), can I cannot use official HTC ROM with my current configuration? All I want to be sure is that I'm able to update to Android 2.1 (Official HTC ROM) Thank you in advance.
  9. Thank you for your response and here are the details upon your request: Model Number: HTC Hero Firmware Version: 1.5 Baseband Version: Kernel Version: 2.6.27-8dd6deee [email protected]) Build Number: 2.73.751.4 Software Version: 1.0.0.A6288 As I'm still in dilemma whether to keep my phone rooted or unroot. What is the benefits of both rooted and unrooted version? Thank you very much in advance. And sorry for being so numb. Darms
  10. Hi Carl, Yes, running the RUU utility still requires and ensured that your phone is sync-ed with HTC software. I'm not sure whether there are still other ways to bring back the whole phone to stock. No, I did not put the Serial Number and which I got the RUU utility from somewhere else, this is why I keep wondering if it's the exe problem (which doesn't suit my phone) or my phone restrict it from going back to stock. Utility? So far as I know, HTC web only offers HTC Sync at the moment. There are no other utility (as I know) that allows you to format back to where it used to be. Darms
  11. Thank you the link as provided. I would love to stock my whole phone back to original. But with the problem (as status above), once HTC official release the latest firmware, is it possible for me to install the latest ROM from HTC Web? Because I've downloaded the Asia region before and it gives me such error. I've confirmed my Hero is from Hongkong, and it should be allocated as Asia Region isn't it? But at the end, I still couldn't stock the phone back to it's original's. Thank you in advance in helping out this matter and please forgive me for my dumpness...
  12. Dear All, Good day to you all! Basically, I'm a newbie towards Android Industry, software,etc. And recently I've purchased HTC Hero from some online website and it came with a rooted software version. Well, I'm in Asia so basically I've downloaded the stock ROM (file name: RUU_Hero_HTC_Asia_SEA_WWE_2.73.728.5_release_signed_NoDriver.exe) which I tried to flash it through HTC Sync and I keep getting the error message stated below: Hero CVT SHIP S-ON HBOOT-1.76.0007 (Hero10000) Microp-010f Touch Pane-Syn0104 Radio- Aug 4 2009 19:43:30 RUU USB (Three Droids on skateboard) -------------> Actually what does it means this way? Is it because I have a different ROM? or different region? I am staying in Asia (Malaysia) Thank you and I would appreciate it a lot if someone can explain & provide me a step by step guide instruction to return to stock rom. Or even better, provide me a link to download the stock/original ROM from HTC. As checked, my HTC is from HongKong. Thank you and looking forward for any expert's reply.
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