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    XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    I'm not certain this will be of any help to anyone not running a Touchwiz ROM, but I pulled these CSC edits from the Sprint Galaxy S3 (only US GS3 with official Google Wallet functionality) <CscFeature_NFC_SetSecureEventType>GOOGLE</CscFeature_NFC_SetSecureEventType> <CscFeature_NFC_SetAccessControlType>NONE</CscFeature_NFC_SetAccessControlType> You would add these lines to either /system/csc/feature.xml or /system/csc/others.xml if your ROM doesn't have a feature.xml By comparison, the US at&t Galaxy S3 has the line in it's feature.xml <CscFeature_NFC_SetSecureEventType>ISIS</CscFeature_NFC_SetSecureEventType> but does not have the 2nd line, at all. ...hoping this adds to solving the mystery.
  2. agriff

    XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    Paul, I'm a big fan of all your Android mods and truly appreciate all the hard work you put into it. So, please don't take this as a slam or even a demand of any sort, but you have to get that not everyone wants Xposed installed, whatever the reasons may be. Would you be willing to share how you mod the apk to make it work so we can create our own? Should you not want to share that info and being that G Wallet only seems to get updated every 3 months or so, would you mind sharing a modded apk, if you have a free moment? A Google Search does not show anyone who has successfully modded the newest G Wallet. Thanks in advance.
  3. agriff

    Gmail Unread Count

    SMS unread count is good too, but last I checked it only supported one Gmail account, whereas Gmail unread count supports multiple. Sticking with Gmail unread. Also FYI, LauncherPro now supports Sms and Gmail unread count labels in its dock bar. No extra apps needed. Built into LP.
  4. agriff

    Blackberry Connect for Nexus One?

    BES is not a stand alone PIM or email system. It has to be connected to Exchange, Lotus Domino or Group Wise for you to do anything with it. BES is just a system to encrypt what the phones receive from Exchange, etc. and manage users and data with policies. http://na.blackberry.com/eng/services/business/server/full/ You need BES Plus one of the three. As a former BB user I can tell you that if you use BES or BB Connect, first you MUST get the BES data plan from your carrier. Almost always an extra $15/month over the unlimited data rates, in the US. BES is $45/month on AT&T. It is impossible to receive BES data from BB without this plan. Then, if you or your company don't have your own Exchange server, then, you need to pay an extra $5-$12/month to a Hosted Exchange service or run your own server. All of which adds up to why I've been an extremely happy Android user for about 9 months now. Especially, when I was able to use the $15/month ATT unlimited data for dumbphones plan. They caught on to my N1 eventually, though.

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