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  1. I'm having the same issue. I know that you need to allow the aplication through facebook following 2 or 3 steps on a advanced settings tab but i don't know where to enable this tab,
  2. Nice job.Thank you to share with us. Before flash it on mi O2 I want to know how much ram remains free.? And it uses less battery than the 3D version? I like the sense roms but don´t want to charge my battery every day. Thanks again and sorry about my english.
  3. Hi Gary, thank you about your great job. I´m having problems with the weather autoupdate, it doesn´t work for me. When i power on the phone it says something like there is no script for weather autoupdate on heroclock dir. Can anybody share with me this script? I´m using your last rom. Thank you all and Merry Christmas!!!!!!
  4. Me too. Using the same rom and using wifi connection. Others programs from windows and the weather tab work ok, but facebook can´t login. Any idea? Thanks in advance, great job. Finally I did it. In the options on facebook tab. facebook Api settings: With the second method of authorisation, and I installed the facebook app for winmobile too. Now it works like a charm, getting the contact´s photos and more. Thank you for this great work.
  5. Thanks. That was the problem.I don´t know why I had the option unchecked, although it says (recommended). Now it´s ok. Sorry because i´m a Newbie and i was wrong and the screen was showing wm tel above phone ex not your JMLcontacts. Thank you for wasting your time. Pues si soy Español, no sabia que hablabas mi idioma. Ha sido fallo mio perdona, aunque creo que esa opcion no la he marcado otras veces porque justo encima del boton de opciones del phone ex me salia iluminado el boton de tel wm para cambiar al vuelo al teclado de windows y poder acceder a los menus ocultos esos marcando # y todo eso, pero es igual pq tampoco los uso mucho. Muchas gracias otra vez, tienes un amigo en Barcelona para lo que necesites(dinero no que estoy en el paro :) )
  6. Iconsoft phone ex. Sorry i don´t have any soft for making screenshots. When i press the left soft button called contacts it runs iconsoft, but when having and incoming call the screen shows jmlcontacts for answering then for end the call the screen shows iconsoft again. Sorry about my poor english i´m trying to do my best.
  7. Thank you for answering me so quickly, but i don´t know what to change in that files for making ,when i´m having and incoming call, the screen show up my callmanager not the JMLContacts. Thanks again.
  8. First of all Thank you very much about your job. A month ago i got mi omnia2 and tried a few roms until i found Sonblack´s ones.For me are the best ones because of your JMLToday and the great job of Sonblack. Now I´m runing Sb24 rom and want to disable JMLcontacts because i´m using another call manager. Can you tell me how to do that? Thanks in advance and sorry about my english. :)
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