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  1. Hi Friend, Please Check My latest Post and see if you or any your friend can help me.


  2. Thanks very much... ^^ Is it working OK in your Omnia? Because I had no issue since my last post.... ^^
  3. Tried some workaround but seems only extending the auto-close time.... Now I can open it for 4 minutes before auto-close....
  4. it only work OK around 2 weeks for me then this damn twitter broke the Auth system again... Why twitter love to change their auth system every now and then?
  5. CONFIRMED!!! Twitter OAuth changed again. Echofon also throw an error saying that Twitter has changed their authorization system. SCREENSHOT ATTACHED!! Untitled_1.bmp
  6. I know this problem when I HRed my phone and tried to run it from my fresh O2... It simply can't login.. Maybe it got something to do with OAuth again (Twitter side problem maybe?) But when I restored my backup, it simply can run again but with auto-exit per 1 minutes.... Currently using JH1 but still experiencing that issue.... Anyone using the older ROM or else than stock ROM please advise if this program can run OK in your device... Thanks....
  7. Anyone here experiencing auto-exit issue? --------------------------- Thanks eXPerience... But the registry is nothing to do with the auto-exit-problem.... I've tried to delete it but it still like that... Yesterday I managed to open it for 15 minutes before it auto-exit...
  8. I'm gonna re-flash my O2 with JG5...and gonna try this Twitter again... It never happened before with old JC ROM (the network problem, I encountered once last night. the 2 minutes auto-exit problem, it's haunting me now.)
  9. I just found out that the unsigned Twitter.exe actually can run perfectly on my O2.... But hasn't check for stability yet...
  10. Yes, it also happened to me when I tried to move it to my storage and run it from there.... And when I did that, I think it break some registry settings. Its become unstable even though I re-move it back to Windows folder... I'll restore my device now and see if it'll be OK...
  11. YEAH!!! Sorry for awaiting my reply... Just back from my girl's home... Don't have any internet connection there, it's countryside... ^^ Hmmm.... Maybe it'll work with TouchPlayer.... I used Unsigner.exe from XDA-Devs to unsign the apps before translating, is that the program that you use? No need the cab file, it basically only the exe that should be copied to Windows folder... The setup.xml in cab file says that... And about the font and autoupdate thing, maybe it need the hex editor to edit that, its not visible in the strings. And You can try to use XN Resource Editor to edit the 'other language' apps... Since ResHacker can't read the font. But, use XN Res Editor for READING THE STRING ONLY. And apply it using ResHacker. Its more reliable than XN beside font issue... And can you describe the unstable thing? What's the problem and steps to reproduce, maybe I can help... Because it run fine on my Omnia2, I left it running overnight without any problem at all... ^^
  12. It should be Korean.,. About improvements, I can't tell. It got signing/cert problem in my device.... I tried to sign it using cert from JJ1 OEM folder and from SDKcerts mentioned above, but it won't run... Same problem I got with the Photo program from this Korean ROM. Maybe someone could assist?
  13. This is the re-signed Touch Player. I unsigned it and re-signed it with SDKCerts mentioned above.... Re_Signed_Touch_Player.rar
  14. Try this file, I already unsign it and re-sign it with SDKCerts that you mentioned before in the Korean ROM development... Hope it'll work.... ^^ Twitter.exe
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